Off-campus conduct

Living in Victoria is an important part of university life for the majority of University of Victoria students.

As a resident of Victoria, University of Victoria students are responsible for upholding the standards of the community, including adherence to city bylaws regarding issues like parking, noise, garbage and recycling, and community safety.

This section provides tools and information for living year-round as members of the greater Victoria community.

For students living in residence, please see the UVic Residence Services website for more information on conduct and community standards within UVic residence.

Being a responsible community member

Having and being good neighbours improves community safety, as well as your own home experience. The University of Victoria encourages students living off-campus to foster positive relationships with the residents in your neighbourhoods and understand your responsibilities as a member of the Greater Victoria community.

  • Get to know your neighbours: Knowing your neighbours can help you to better understand each other in case any conflicts arise. Introduce yourself, say hello when you see them in the neighbourhood, and respond collaboratively when issues arise.
  • Maintain your property: Be aware of shared walls, clean up bottles or litter, put garbage and waste out neatly and on time, and consider how your different schedules or stages in life may affect others’ lifestyles. Talk to your landlord and be clear about your responsibilities for the general maintenance and upkeep of the property, such as mowing the grass and raking leaves.
  • Be considerate: Think about how your actions affect your neighbours' lives, and vice versa. Noise coming from inside your house that can be heard by people on other premises can violate noise bylaws. If you are going to have a party, let your neighbours know. Limit the number of guests, avoid playing loud music and keep the party inside, plan parking for your visitors and make sure to clean up afterwards.
  • Be mindful of the safety of your community: Consider ways in which you can maintain the safety of your home by familiarizing yourself with local safety standards and procedures. Ensure that you have functioning fire alarms that are regularly tested and discuss safety procedures in case of an emergency with your roommates or neighbours. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the contact information for local fire and police stations. See the local police and fire department sections below for more information.
  • Know your neighbourhood rules: There are many local bylaws and regulations that will apply to you within your neighbourhood. For example, the District of Oak Bay has a specific bylaw that restricts the number of unrelated people living in a house to three people and makes secondary suites illegal (Zoning Bylaw). Ensure to follow parking and traffic rules; slowdown in residential areas and be aware of street parking regulations.

Renting off campus

See the Saanich Renting Off Campus page for information and common questions about living off campus in the Saanich community.

Residential standards and bylaws

There are a number of expectations and responsibilities that come with living in Victoria. It is important to become familiar with your rights and responsibilities as a citizen and neighbour, and with various local laws and resources that will assist you in living off-campus.

Some key community standards to be aware of are listed below.

Municipal bylaws and standards

Local police and fire departments

Your personal safety in your neighbourhood is of paramount concern, and you should familiarize yourself with safety precaution resources to keep you safe.

Local police departments

Local Fire Departments

The UVic Emergency Numbers page provides additional contact information for useful community resources to assist with safety and emergency concerns.

Community associations

To get involved or find out more about your local community, contact your local Community Association.