Non-academic misconduct

The current version of the Resolution of Non-Academic Misconduct Allegations policy (AC1300) was approved by the university’s Senate and Board of Governors in May 2017.

This policy:

  • clarifies what non-academic student misconduct is
  • details how the university responds to non-academic misconduct allegations
  • outlines the review and investigation processes
  • describes possible outcomes and ensures that when misconduct is found to have occurred, any sanctions that are applied are fair and consistent
  • explains how to appeal a decision that has been made under the policy

Non-academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, where a student engages in any of the following types of conduct on university property or in connection with a university activity:

  • (a) theft, damage or destruction of property
  • (b) unauthorized entry or presence on university property
  • (c) fraud or impersonation
  • (d) disruptive or dangerous behaviours to self or others
  • (e) unlawful possession or use of alcohol that violates the university liquor policy
  • (f) use or possession of illicit drugs 
  • (g) other activities that result in criminal charges or conviction or a court judgment

Online student conduct

UVic is committed to promoting critical academic discourse while providing a respectful and supportive learning environment. All members of the university community have the right to this experience and the responsibility to help create such an environment. The university will not tolerate racism, sexualized violence or any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment.

Please be advised that, by logging into UVic's learning systems or interacting with online resources and course-related communication platforms, you are engaging in a university activity.

All interactions within this environment are subject to the university expectations and policies. Any concerns about student conduct may be reviewed and responded to in accordance with the appropriate university policy.

To report concerns about online student conduct, please .

Off-campus conduct

The University of Victoria encourages students living off-campus to foster positive relationships with the residents in your neighbourhoods and understand your responsibilities as a member of the community you live in.

If you wish to report a concern in the community, please contact the applicable local police department: