Sexualized Violence Awareness Week


UVic (Office of Student Life, Equity & Human Rights), the UVSS, and the Anti-Violence Project invite you to join us for a week of information, workshops, and events on the topic of sexualized violence prevention. Running from September 17-19, 2019, there will be a variety of opportunities for students and community members to engage in learning and support options on campus.

All of the events are free of cost. Unless specified, there is no registration needed.

Tuesday, September 17

  • Information Booths, Games, and Refreshments
    11:00am - 2:00pm | Petch Fountain
  • Sexualized Violence Prevention in the Sex Industry
    3:00pm - 4:00pm | CLE A203

This workshop, presented by Peers Victoria, explores the barriers people working in the sex industry encounter when it comes to preventing violence, including sexualized violence. An important focus of the workshop will be the role stigma plays in creating harm and how tackling stigma is an important sexualized violence prevention strategy.

Register for the workshop here.

  • Tools for Change Workshop
    4:30pm - 7:30pm | Location Confirmed upon Registration

This workshop is for students who want to be a part of a culture shift at UVic. It is important and useful for those who have not taken sexualized violence prevention training in the past and/or those with want to learn more about UVic’s work to prevent sexualized violence. The workshop is peer-led, highly interactive, and focused on learning skills. 

Topics include: what is sexualized violence, how to challenge attitudes and beliefs that lead to sexualized violence, practical tips and everyday language, how to ask for consent and receive a “no”, and the resources and supports that UVic offers students, faculty, and staff.

Register here.  

Wednesday, September 18

  • Information Booth and Activities
    10:00am - 2:00pm | CARSA Lobby
  • Understanding Consent Culture Workshop
    3:00pm - 5:00pm | Location Confirmed upon Registration

The Anti-Violence Project’s consent workshop provides folks with the education, skills, and opportunity to understand and practice consent in a supportive and sex positive space.

Topics include: consent (what it is, why it’s required, how to practice it), gender-based violence, rape culture, sex positivity, power, and privilege.

Register for the workshop here.

  • The Men’s Circle at UVic 
    6:00pm - 8:00pm | SUB B027

The Men’s Circle at UVic is a space where men and masculine-identified folks, including (but not limited to!) transmasculine, genderqueer, and non-binary folks, can meet to: connect with others with similar and shared identities, learn about the systems and structures which uphold gender-based violence, share lived experiences and stories, and work on strategies for dismantling and challenging gender-based violence, dominant constructions of masculinity, and other structures of oppression on campus and in the larger community.

Thursday, September 19

  • Information Booths, Games, and Refreshments
    11:00am - 2:00pm | Petch Fountain
  • Sexual Health and Education in Residence 
    Before the Burlesque Show | Residence

Look out for more information about this event throughout residence.

  • emPOWERment: An Evening of Burlesque 
    6:00pm - 8:00 pm | Vertigo in the SUB

Join us for a free 30-minute interactive Contact Dance workshop, by the Rising, a type of dance that empowers and emboldens participants! Explore how to assert yourself and your boundaries while being in close contact with others. At 7:00 PM, there will be a burlesque performance and talk back by local performers, the Shade Burlesque Collective. Learn what empowerment can look like and how you can embody change. Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information, visit the Facebook event here