Spectrum of use

Cannabis use, like all psychoactive substance use, exists on a spectrum. As you can see below, cannabis use isn’t the same for everyone. It’s important to remember that this spectrum isn’t progressive. You don’t necessarily start on one end and end up on the other.

Spectrum of use of cannabis
Spectrum of use of cannabis

Problematic use could include:

  • finding it hard to sleep when not using cannabis (if this problem began after you started to use it)
  • missing classes due to drowsiness or tiredness caused by cannabis use
  • spending money on cannabis instead of healthy foods, textbooks, etc.
  • doing poorly on assignments/exams from spending time being high instead of studying.
  • other negative impacts on you, your friends, family, academics, finances, etc.

If you believe you might be experiencing problematic use or want to learn more, there’s support at UVic.