Student Affairs Student Advisory Council

The Student Affairs Student Advisory Council is a new initiative that will bring student voice into the culture and operating practices of Student Affairs (STUA), which is comprised of Athletics and Recreation, Campus Services, Student Services and Office of the Registrar.

This advisory council will work to:

  • centre the student voice in student affairs decision making
  • act as a contact point between student affairs and students at UVic
  • establish ongoing student and staff consultation
  • integrate a student equity lens into student affairs programs, policies and practices

Values & principles

We're looking for students who centre the values of:

  • authenticity
  • humility
  • honesty
  • integrity
  • respect
  • courage

We're seeking students who are interested in working in relational ways that are grounded in the principles of:

  • equity in process and outcomes
  • accountability to self and others
  • reciprocity in relations and approach to work
  • consensus-based decisions and directions

Terms, compensation & time commitment

  • the first term of the advisory council is October 2022 to April 2023
  • meetings are bi-weekly
  • meeting times and modality (in person, online or hybrid) will be arranged based on council members' availability and accessibility
    • there will also be optional summer engagement opportunities
  • honoraria will be provided to all council members

Council membership

The Student Advisory Council will endeavor to include equitable representation from historically marginalized and under-represented groups. If a balanced representation does not result through the initial nomination and selection process, targeted recruiting may be implemented for the selection of remaining seats to achieve equitable, non-tokenistic representation.

In consideration and recognition of unique intersectional experiences, individual council membership is not intended to be representative of an entire subpopulation or community. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that council members are not a generalized voice for a larger subpopulation or community of students. Continued consultation and collaboration with broader student constituents will be embedded in the council’s work.

 The Council will be made up of 18 members:

  • 1 student nominated by Native Students Union
  • 1 student nominated by UVic Pride
  • 1 student nominated by Students of Colour Collective
  • 1 student nominated by Gender Empowerment Centre
  • 1 student nominated by Society for Students with a Disability
  • 1 student nominated by Graduate Students’ Society
  • 1 student nominated by University of Victoria Students’ Society 
  • 9 student representatives from each of the 9 academic faculties
  • 2 general student seats

As this is a student-led initiative, all applicants have a responsibility to ensure that they are free from potential conflicts of interest and to disclose any dual relationships before engaging with this advisory.

A conflict of interest may arise in a situation where a student may have a real or perceived vested interest, hold institutional power or have connection to the institution in a way that may directly or indirectly influence their lenses and contributions to the council (i.e., holding staff positions within the university or being adjacent to someone who holds power and influence).

A dual relationship may be present if/when your relationship to the university extends beyond your student status (i.e., you are also a teaching assistant, research assistant, staff, faculty and/or affiliated with a university related group).

If you have questions about a potential conflict of interest or dual relationship, please do not hesitate to contact Ryan Khungay at .


We acknowledge and recognize that students who belong to equity-seeking groups historically and continue to have their voices, stories and lived experiences erased, silenced and ignored. Therefore, to work towards centering marginalized communities’ voices we ask that students must identify as one or more of the following to be a member of this council:

  • Indigenous (ie. First Nations, Métis or Inuit)
  • Person with a disability
  • Indigiqueer, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer (ILGBQ+)
  • Two-Spirit, Trans, Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming (2STNBGNC+)
  • Racialized or Person of Colour
  • Mixed race, Biracial, or Multiracial PoC

Additional considerations

Additional considerations will be given to students who self-identify into the following categories:

  • have intersectional identities
  • first-generation university student
  • international student
  • mature student
  • parent and/or primary caregiver
  • neurodivergent
  • have at least 2 years of university experience
  • adherent of minoritized religions
  • refugee, migrant, undocumented and/or newcomer
  • former youth in government care
  • distance education student
  • low income student

Interested in applying or nominating a student?

Applications are now closed.

Would you like more information or do you have any questions?

If you have questions or want to know more, please contact Ryan Khungay (Equity Advisor, Student Affairs) at .