UVic Engage

UVic Engage is UVic's student engagement platform, where you can join organizations on campus and find student-focused events. Our hope is that this platform will help you connect with student life and co-curricular opportunities. 

Access the UVic Engage platform

Navigating the platform

To fully use the Engage platform, you must be logged in. To login, click the "sign in" button in the top right corner and sign in using your NetLink ID and password. Without logging in, you will not be able to access all features of the platform, and you may not see all available organizations and events. 
When on the Engage homepage, there are 6 different areas of the site that you should be aware of:
  • Home: The Engage homepage is tailored specifically for you. It displays alerts containing key information we think you should know, a list of organizations you've joined, the events you have RSVPed to, a small sample of upcoming events, news articles and important campus links. 
  • Events: The Events page contains a list of upcoming student-focused events at UVic. Click on any event to learn more and RSVP. 
  • Organizations: The Organizations page contains a list of all organizations who are currently active* on the platform. Click on any organization to learn more. *Note: Several organizations will be active for back-to-school programming, but at this time, will not be active throughout the fall.
  • News: The News page contains a list of news articles published by organizations and site admin. Initially, this section of Engage will host articles to help you learn to better use Engage.
  • Forms: The Forms section can act as a home for student-life-related forms. Currently, there are no forms available for students. 
  • Your account: Clicking on your profile icon (the circle in the top right) will open up more options to explore, including your event history, memberships and notifications, as well as the option to sign out. This is also where you can access your account details, and edit your information, privacy preference and notification settings. You will also be provided with the option to record experiences and service hours, and track submissions. While you're welcome to explore those options, in phase 1 of our rollout of the Engage platform, we are not encouraging students to use these features. 

The future of Engage

We are currently implementing the Engage platform using a multi-phase approach. A few select organizations, including the Office of Student Life, Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation, the International Centre for Students, Vikes Nation and the University of Victoria Students' Society (UVSS) will be actively using the platform this fall to host events. 

While you may notice that other organizations also currently exist in the platform, many of these organizations will be hosting events during back-to-school programming, but will not be posting events throughout the fall. 

Over the next few terms, you will see more organizations actively using the platform. These organizations include:

  • additional campus departments
  • student clubs and course unions
  • sports clubs