Mental health

Mental health and psychiatry
UVic Health Services can assist with mental health questions and concerns.

Students often experience stress, sometimes related to academic demands, or new environments, relationships, finances, and other issues. Too much stress can result in physical problems, such as sleep disturbance, upset stomach, headaches, fatigue, and illness. Too much stress can become distress with emotional problems like depression, anxiety, irritability, relationship troubles, weight gain or loss, and poor concentration and lack of interest.

We are here to assist with your mental health questions and concerns, from homesickness to anxiety, depression and mood problems, eating disorders, substance use issues or other concerns.

UHS practitioners have additional training in mental health and clinical care for students and young adults. We offer mental health assessment, consultation/coaching, treatment planning (psychological and pharmacological therapies), and care coordination for students needing extra support.

  • Access: Phone 250-721-8492 to make a scheduled appointment with a physician. Or, if in serious distress, phone and ask to speak with a nurse urgently, or come to the clinic for an urgent nurse appointment. See Student Mental Health Immediate assistance for additional resources.

Counselling Services

Counselling Services offer free professional, confidential, inclusive support to currently registered UVic students.

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life (OSL) helps to support the university’s Student Mental Health Strategy. The strategy is an intended framework for the development and implementation of action plans to support positive student mental health and well-being in order to enhance all students’ potential for success.

UVic Collaborative Eating Disorders Clinic (EDC)

The UVic EDC offers onsite treatment, support, and education for registered students with eating disorders and disordered eating. We are also a portal for facilitating referrals to other provincial eating disorder programs and intensive treatments.

The EDC is a partnership with UVic, Ministry of Children and Family Development, and Island Health. Our team has expertise in Eating Disorders and includes a lead psychiatrist, physicians, counsellors, dietician, nurse, psychologist and office assistant, and focuses on prevention, early intervention and treatment services for students.

  • Access:  Please call 250-721-8492 to make an appointment for an eating disorder assessment and referral. This appointment includes meeting both a nurse and physician for a patient history and to assess possible underlying concerns. For those graduating or moving on from UVic, call 250-387-0000 to access the Victoria Eating Disorders Program at the Jutland clinic.

UVic Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Clinic (ADHD clinic)

The UVic ADHD clinic offers a rotating series of interactive sessions to share informative materials and practical strategies for students to be successful in school and daily living. These sessions are set up as group clinics, so that medication refills can also be provided by the physician at the end of each session.

  • Access: Any student diagnosed with ADHD is welcome to attend. Sessions can be attended in any order. To register call 250-472-4987 or email to sign up and receive email reminders of sessions.

The ADHD clinic is a campus partnership, where speakers from medicine, nursing, psychology, nutrition, and academic learning/coaching present on the following topics:

  • Session 1: UHS physician Dr. Felix provides information on what is ADHD, what is happening on a neurophysiologic level and how the medications work.
  • Session 2: A nurse and dietitian offer information on how lifestyle choices affect ADHD.
  • Session 3: A counsellor discusses  how ADHD affects emotions and offers relationship strategies.
  • Session 4: A campus advisor from the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability shares practical tips to manage ADHD and how the Resource Centre can help.

Online student mental health resouces

Please see the UVic Student Mental Health and Counselling Services  website for information, support, and resources on student mental health issues.

Other mental health resources that we find useful include: