Fill your mug for $2 at Bibliocafe!

Fill your Mug for $2 with drip coffee or tea at Bibliocafe

Remember your reusable mug when you head to Bibliocafe, and you will only be charged $2 for a fill-up of Fair Trade drip coffee or tea, no matter what size your mug is!


What was Break Up with Your Paper Cup Day?

On the morning of April 3, 2019, Bibliocafe temporarily stopped offering single-use paper cups. Partnering with UVic Sustainability, as well as student group 'Alternative Space Makers,' we hoped to encourage the campus community to break their habit with paper cups and make a long-term commitment to their reusable mug!

We recently surveyed the campus population to learn what initiatives they'd support to reduce the use of single-use coffee cups. Survey participants were gathered through the UVic newsletter 'Campus Update,' through promotion through the UNFS website and social media, and through person-to-person requests at Bibliocafe.

Here's what we heard:

A quarter of participants reported that they never use single-use cups, 42% use a paper cup if they forget their mug, 25% use single use cups 1-4 times per week and 8% use single-use cups 5+ times a week.

Eighty five percent of participants support replacing the discount program with a fee for single-use cups.

98% of participants support other initiatives to reduce single-use cups.

63% are more likely to use a reusable cup after Break Up with Your Paper Cup day.

Survey comments were very supportive with regards to a fee and other initiatives regarding the reduction of single-use cups and other disposables on campus. 

Suggestions for other initiatives related to reduction of single-use cups included:

  • mug wash stations
  • mug lending systems
  • stay-in mug options
  • rewards programs
  • more promotion and information about the single-use cup programs and impact of cups
  • a total ban of single-use cups
  • mugs available for purchase at UNFS locations
  • one price for coffees in all travel mug sizes
  • further 'Break Up with Your Cup' days
  • more giveaways of reusable mugs

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey and Break Up with Your Paper Cup day! 

Keep an eye on this page for future intiatives to reduce the use of single-use cups on our campus.