Update your contact information

Without current contact information, UVic will not be able to reach you with critical emergency information and instructions. You are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of your contact information.

UVic uses office and @uvic.ca email account information to send campus-wide emergency messages. If you would also like to receive a text message on the UVic Emergency Alerts system, please include your mobile phone number in your contact information.

  1. Sign in to UVic with your NetLink ID and password
  2. Choose Personal profile
  3. Choose Addresses 
  4. Click on Primary (in the Phones section)
  5. Under Phone Type click on Select, choose Mobile Phone and fill in your number
  6. Click Submit

** You must enter your mobile phone number in the moblile phone number field in order to receive text messages.    You will not recieve text messages if you only list your phone number in the primary  phone number field.

UVic may also need to contact you on a personal basis in the event of an emergency. Please ensure the other fields are also up to date, including addresses, phones, and emergency contacts (people to contact in the event of a personal emergency). You can update all this information by following the links under Personal. Always click Submit after entering new information.