Gas disruption: information for faculty and staff

In the event of the closure of the UVic campus, information will be posted on and on  and .

Academic and operational leaders should have unit plans for use in the event that the university cancels classes, or reduces or cancels services. They should also have procedures to notify students, faculty, librarians and staff when classes are cancelled and services are curtailed. If staff are required for the continued operation and safety of campus, these positions must be pre-designated and staff need to be aware of their roles in a closure.

Faculty, librarians and staff should learn about their unit's plans in the event that the university cancels classes, or reduces or cancels services due to disruptions on campus (e.g. disrupting weather disruption to natural gas supply, etc.).

Employees who are uncertain about their unit's plans and whether they would be required in a campus closure event should contact their unit leader.

Frequently asked questions

Pay and hours

How do I know if I am required to stay at work if services are reduced, classes are cancelled or during a closure?

Consult with your manager or supervisor to determine if your function is necessary for the continued operation or safety of the campus in the event your unit's services have been reduced or closed.

The unit I work in was closed at noon. I was scheduled to work at 3 p.m. today. Do I need to come to work?

No, unless you are in a position deemed to be necessary for the continued operation or safety of the campus. Check with your manager or supervisor to confirm.

I am required to work even though the campus is closed. Will I be paid overtime or will I get time off?

Staff who work during the closure will be paid according to their collective agreement. Refer to your collective agreement for further guidance.

My job is such that it is possible for me to work from home. Am I allowed to do that if my unit is closed due to a natural gas disruption??

Employees will not normally be expected to work from home in the event the university temporarily closes a service due to a natural gas disruption.

There may be exceptional circumstances where an employee may request to perform some or all of their work from home for a short duration. Deans, chairs, directors and other administrators may consider the operational impact of these requests on a case-by-case basis and are welcome to consult with their Human Resources consultant or Faculty Relations as needed.

Teaching and exams

I am a professor. Do I need to release my class if I receive word that classed have been cancelled or the campus has closed due to a natural gas diruption?

No. A shortage of natural gas is not an emergency. You are likely able to comfortably conclude the lesson as scheduled. 

If the room temperature becomes too uncomfortable, it is recommended that you wrap up the activities in your class at a point that makes sense within your lesson to allow students to begin their journey home. Please do not start any new classes or activities once you hear that classes have been cancelled.

I am conducting research in my lab. Can my students and I keep working?

It is recommended that people wrap up their activities at a point that allows for an orderly conclusion. Campus closure due to loss of heat and hot water as a result of a natural gas supply disruption is not an emergency. However, students may want to finish their tasks and leave the campus when they are ready.

I’m scheduled to invigilate/deliver an exam. What do I do if the campus is closed? When will it be rescheduled? What happens if I’m not available at that time?

All exams will be cancelled during a campus closure. Instructors will work with the Office of the Registrar to determine if the exam can be rescheduled, as determined by the instructor or chair, or if another option will be made available.


What services will remain open in the event of a closure?

Services necessary for the continued operation and safety of the campus will be staffed. These include but are not limited to:

  • Campus Security (including Safe Walk)
  • Residence Services (CLs, RLCs)
  • Commons building – main kitchen

Other services on campus will be closed.