Change to exam date or time accommodation

Who receives an accommodation for writing exams on an alternative date and/or time?

Students who are not able to write their exam at the scheduled time for disability related reasons can arrange to perform the work at another time without penalty.

Students diagnosed with medical conditions with substantial functional impacts characterized by:  

  • episodic health complications
  • random or cyclical acute episodes
  • hospitalization
  • effects of medication

What does this accommodation involve?

Students who have been affected by one of the above factors should contact their instructor immediately to request alternative exam arrangements.

Alternative arrangements may include any of the following (Instructors are expected to determine the most appropriate option):

  • writing a make-up exam on another day
  • assigning the value of the exam to a later exam
  • requiring the student to submit another type of assignment

Are there any exceptions to this accommodation?

If writing an exam on a specific date and/or time is deemed to be an essential learning objective or outcome of the course, or course requirements cannot be met with an alternative method of assessment, it should not be allowed. For example, an Astronomy exam involving observation of the night sky may need to be written at night and under certain conditions (specific date, time, etc.). To meet essential requirements, an alternative date or time wouldn't be possible for that course.

My student does not have this accommodation on their letter of accommodation from CAL.  What should I do when they request an alternative writing date for their exam?

You can request a medical note as per your department's policy, or for a final exam, refer to the University's Exam Regulations in the Calendar.