Student self serve

Step 1. Get your letters  Request accommodations for specific classes and share your letter of accommodation with your instructors each term.

Step 2. Request exam bookings  Request accommodated test and exam bookings.

Step 3. Review your bookings  View your bookings and check your exam schedule.

launch to get started!

Important notice for Mac users:  We are aware of issues with Safari and the Mac PDF Previewer. Please use Firefox to use the self serve and Adobe Reader to view your letters.

(if you have trouble logging in, please come to our front desk for assistance)

Important Note: test & exam booking deadlines
  • Midterm exams, test and quizzes: Submit requests at least two weeks before the scheduled exam date.

  • Final exams: Submit requests at least two weeks before the first day of the final exam period. This applies to both December and April.  

  • Deadline for summer term courses is seven days.

important term dates for students with link to summer add/drop dates

"How to" tutorials are available to learn how to use all the features of the (Clockwork) self serve portal. 
Clockwork was designed to be used with screen reading technology:

The Clockwork online portal is accessed as a series of simple html webpages.  Those pages can be accessed using popular screen readers including JAWS, NVDA, Kurzweil 3000 and with browser extensions such as Chromevox or the Voiceover application on Mac operating systems.  

If you are having difficulty accessing elements of Clockwork with your screen reader, please contact Darryl Gorrie at