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View your students' accommodations & make and verify exam arrangements!  

Important notice for Mac users:  

  • Please use the "Review Html letter" instead of viewing accommodation letters as PDF documents in the Mac Previewer.
  • PDF downloads of the letter will not open for you if you use Safari.
  • We recommend using Firefox for interacting with the instructor self serve if you are using a Mac.

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Instructor self serve

"How to" tutorials are available to learn how to use all the features of the (Clockwork) self serve portal and an FAQ is available. 

For instructors, tutorials covering how to access letters of academic accommodation and making/confirming test and exam arrangements are particularly important.

ClockWork is a complete scheduling and data management solution used by disability services departments in many Universities and Colleges in North America.

It simplifies and centralizes the coordination of academic accommodations for students with disabilities and the scheduling of appointments, workshops, exams, rooms and resources with a focus on ease of use and flexibility.

It also functions as a comprehensive and secure data management system with a unique form editor tool that ensures seamless integration and provides the ability to adapt to changes from year to year.

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If your students are writing CourseSpaces tests and need extended time to complete, please follow these instructions to extend their time: