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Department of History (HIST)

Department of History
University of Victoria
Clearihue Building A203
Department of History
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of History
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Chair Jason Colby 250-721-7383 CLE A203b
FAX 250-721-8772
Administrative Officer Consuela Covrig 250-472-5661 CLE A203c
Chair's Assistant & Undergrad Program Alison Hogan 250-721-7383 CLE A203
Graduate Program Heather Waterlander 250-721-7384 CLE A203
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Adebisi Alade
Yasmin Amaratunga
Anthony Auchterlonie
Matthew Ayre
Sara Beam 250-721-7406 (campus local: 7406)
Perry Biddiscombe 250-721-6121 (campus local: 6121)
Gregory Blue
Neilesh Bose 250-721-7398 (campus local: 7398)
Paul Bramadat 250-721-6324 (campus local: 6324)
Kathryn Bridge
Penny Bryden 250-721-7407 (campus local: 7407)
Andrew Buck
Martin Bunton 250-721-7400 (campus local: 7400)
Keith Carlson
Ella Cathcart
Zhongping Chen 250-721-7404 (campus local: 7404)
Rachel Cleves 250-721-7385 (campus local: 7385)
Jason Colby
Peter Cook 250-472-5484 (campus local: 5484)
Consuela Covrig 721-738-3
Natasha Danais
Beatriz de Alba-Koch 250-721-7289 (campus local: 7289)
Simon Devereaux 250-721-7390 (campus local: 7390)
Ursula Dhillon
Ben Dippel
David Dolff 250-721-7388 (campus local: 7388)
Ciel Dong
Patrick Dunae
Norman Fennema 250-853-3806 (campus local: 3806)
Kristen Fontaine
Yixiong Fu
Trevor Gallagher
Olivia Giesbrecht-Coombs
Laura Gillis
Abby Goldstein
Andrea Mariko Grant
Mariel Grant 250-721-7402 (campus local: 7402)
Lorne Hammond 250-387-2486
Larry Hannant
Tim Haskett
Patrick Hayes
Alison Hogan
Letitia Johnson
Andrew Johnston
Naomi Keenan O'Shea
Matthew Koch 250-721-7419 (campus local: 7419)
Emilia Koehn
Iuliia Kysla
Wenjuan Lu
John Lutz 250-721-7381 (campus local: 7381)
Lynne Marks
Daniel Marshall
Gordon Martel
Loren Elizabeth McClenachan
Andrea McKenzie 250-857-3690
Christine O'Bonsawin 250-853-3807 (campus local: 3807)
Rosemary Ommer
John Price
Richard Rajala
Jesse Robertson
Abby Romano
Eric Sager
Ana Paula Santana Bertho
Thomas Saunders 721-740-5
Oliver Schmidtke 250-721-7490 (campus local: 7490)
Justine Semmens
Kristin Semmens 250-853-3809 (campus local: 3809)
Tomoko Shida
Georgia Sitara 250-472-5755 (campus local: 5755)
Jordan Stanger-Ross 250-721-7283 (campus local: 7283)
Nikki Strong-Boag
Stephanie Sweetnam
Alyssa Talley
Elizabeth Vibert 250-721-7286 (campus local: 7286)
Jill Walshaw 250-721-7393 (campus local: 7393)
Heather Waterlander 250-721-7384 (campus local: 7384)
Andrew Wender 250-853-3580 (campus local: 3580)
Wendy Wickwire
Chloe Wiesenthal
Eric Zadravec
Milan Zec
David Zimmerman 250-721-7399 (campus local: 7399)