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Residence Services (RESS)

Residence Services
University of Victoria
Craigdarroch Office Building
Residence Services
Craigdarroch Office Building
Parking Lot 5, Off Sinclair Rd
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Residence Services
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

Residence Services Main Office

General Office 250-721-8395

Business Operations

Associate Director, Business Operations Rose-Marie Roxburgh 250-472-5300 CRA 205a
Assignment enquiries 250-472-4534
Family Housing Allegra Sobotkiewicz 250-721-6048 CRA 202
Residence Admissions Allegra Sobotkiewicz 250-721-8404 CRA 202
Account enquiries 250-472-4712
Accounting Clerk Marion Will 250-472-4712 CRA 205

Conference Services

Reservation Enquiries 250-721-8657 CRA 108
Conference Clerk Sabine Berg 250-721-8430 CRA 202


Residence Life Enquiries 250-472-4144
Associate Director, Residence Life & Education Terry Forst 250-721-8446 CRA 126
Residence Life Reception Deb Marks 250-472-4144 CRA 114
Student Conduct Officer Leah Benner 250-853-3136 CRA 126
Conduct Coordinator Leslie Tubrett 250-472-5227 CRA 130a
Neighbourhood Manager Clinton Thomas 250-472-4535 CRA 115
Neighbourhood Manager Julia Wagner 250-472-4628 CRA 113
Neighbourhood Manager Paula Broderick 250-853-3138 CRA 119
Neighbourhood Manager Cameron Denham 250-853-3137 CRA 117
Neighbourhood Manager Lauren Petersen 250-721-8396 CRA 121
Neighbourhood Manager Jess McGee 250-472-5851 CRA 109

Residence Education

Manager, Education and Training Kalenne Heikkila 250-721-8703 CRA 130c
Training & Assessment Specialist Katie Bartel 250-472-4828 CRA 130c
Coordinator, Student Development Derrick Gravener 250-472-4828 SA 108a

Facilities & Housekeeping

Maintenance Reporting Line 250-721-8650
Housekeeping Office 250-721-8447
Associate Director, Residence Facilities Chad Dalrymple 250-472-5559 RGD 104a
Manager, Residence Facilities Dinuk Dias 250-472-4808 RGD 104b
Residence Facilities Project Coordinator Erica Fremeau 250-721-8351 RGD 104
Facilities Assistant Ross Alden 250-721-8650 RGD 104
Administrative Assistant Rachel Grossman 250-472-4809 RGD 104


Director Kathryn MacLeod 250-472-4866 CRA 206
Administrative Assistant Rowena Chee 250-472-4173 CRA 205
Administrative Clerk Sabine Berg 250-721-8430 CRA 205
Front Desk Services 250-721-8395
Front Desk Clerk Laura Hodge 250-721-8395 CRA Lobby
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Ross Alden
Quinn Anderson
Emily Ashton
Katie Bartel
Branka Basic
Rajinder Basra
Anita Bassi
Arnav Bathla
Spencer Beauchamp
Leah Benner
Sabine Berg 250-721-8430 (campus local: 8430)
Carlee Bouillon
Paula Broderick 250-853-3138 (campus local: 3138)
Tracy Brown
Spomenka Buckingham
Kayla Caddy
Lynn Campbell
Sabrina Canhos Montmorency Silva
Cameron Carley
Alan Chapple
Jay Chaudhary
Rowena Chee 250-472-4173 (campus local: 4173)
Sai-Ling-Connie Chiang
Riya Chitroda
Tenzin Chodak
Jose Crisanto
Trisha Cull
Chad Dalrymple
Amrit Dash
Sarah Daws
Olivia Dawson
Kalina de la Court
Kat Della Vedova
Cameron Denham 250-853-3137 (campus local: 3137)
Dinuk Dias 250-472-4808 (campus local: 4808)
Lan Dinh 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Naomi Duska
Rommel Esteban
Maartje Fioraso
Juan Flores
Terry Forst 250-721-8446 (campus local: 8446)
Sicily Fox
Evgenia Gourgiotis
Derrick Gravener 250-472-5852 (campus local: 5852)
Rachel Grossman 250-472-4809 (campus local: 4809)
Maria Hangad
Sanaul Haque
Kinnon Haufe
Kalenne Heikkila 250-721-8703 (campus local: 8703)
Laura Hodge
Katie Hopper
Jelena Hoyer
Vaillant Ingabo
Yvana Jovanovic 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Mirjana Juras 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Boota Kambo
Marija Kardum 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Nerissa Kassis
Nuriya Khairullina
Myroslav Kobevka 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Hayden Krause
Bianca Kwok 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Michelle Lam 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Viet Le
Jae Kwang Lee
Benny Li
Mary Lund 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Trinh Ly
Kathryn MacLeod
Deb Marks 250-472-4144 (campus local: 4144)
Rebecca Martens
Jess McGee
David Morris
Joshua Morrison
Daljit Nagra
Alison Nanos 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Shayan Nasiri
Johnson Nguyen
Erin O'Toole
Lucy Ojelel
Chelsea Pacheco
Jasmine Pathak
Lauren Petersen
Marija Petrusa 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Alexandrea Pont
Jo Quinton
Lucy Rohatynchuk
Rose-Marie Roxburgh 250-472-5300 (campus local: 5300)
Quinton Ruth 778-302-6775
Anna Samchek
Sukhvir Samra
Mahip Kaur Sanghera
Emily Schaffer
Sina Seyed-Ali
Ashley Sherman
Rosalyn Silletta
Daniel Smith
Leslie Smith 250-472-5227 (campus local: 5227)
Allegra Sobotkiewicz 250-721-8404 (campus local: 8404)
Clinton Thomas
Elly Thompson
Keatton Tiernan
Kamla Toora
Valeriy Trotsenko
Severine Tyszewicz
Emma Ulveland
Kolden Van Baar
Concha Velasquez 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Giuliano Verdicchio
Maria Beatriz Villaroman
Julia Wagner 250-217-8735
Guangyu Wang 250-516-6250
Sebastian Warkentin-Scott
Marion Will 250-472-4712 (campus local: 4712)
Sean Wilson
Jing Zhong
Residence Services Residence Services
Pac Inst for Climate Solutions Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
Researcher-in-Residence, Negative Emissions Technology
Pac Inst for Climate Solutions Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
Researcher-in-Residence, Built Environment
Residence Services Residence Services
Residence Services Residence Services
Residence Life Enquiries
Residence Services Residence Services
Residence Admissions
Residence Services Residence Services
Manager, Residence Facilities
Residence Services Residence Services
Residence Life Reception
Residence Services Residence Services
Associate Director, Residence Facilities
Residence Services Residence Services
Residence Services Main Office
Residence Services Residence Services
Residence Education
Residence Services Residence Services
Residence Facilities Project Coordinator
Residence Services Residence Services
Associate Director, Residence Life & Education
Student Services Student Services
Residence Services

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