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Faculty of Law (LAWF)

Faculty of Law
University of Victoria
Fraser Building McGill at Ring Rd.
Faculty of Law
FRASER Building
1 McGill Rd. at Ring Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700, Stn. CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Development Coordinator Musab Khalid LIB 260B
DSS Analyst Duncan Ives 250-721-8163 LIB 270A
Communications Officer Julie Sloan 250-721-8167 LIB 260A
General Office and Reception 250-721-8150 FRA 102
FAX - General Office 250-721-6390 FRA 106
FAX - Faculty 250-721-8146 FRA 240
Acting Dean Val Napoleon 250-721-8147 FRA 210
Assistant to the Dean Laura Hamilton 250-721-8147 FRA 221
Associate Dean, Academic & Student Relations Andrew Newcombe 250-721-8152 LIB 290
Assistant to the Associate Dean Vacant 250-721-8152 FRA 102
Associate Dean, Administration & Research Geoff Loomer 250-721-8161 FRA 225
Manager, Academic Administration & Student Services Yvonne Lawson 250-721-8153 FRA 103
Coordinator, Academic Administration Fran Blake 250-472-4793 LIB 290
Program and Classroom Technology Assistant Ryan Kunar 250-721-6162 FRA 102
Recruitment and Admissions Officer Lori Klear 250-721-8155 FRA 231
Senior Admissions Assistant Johnesha Johnson 250-721-8151 FRA 239
Director, Finance & Administration Wendy Seager 250-721-8198 LIB 292
Financial Assistant Maggie Li 250-721-8191 LIB 292
Financial Aid Officer Deb Kennedy 250-721-8166 LIB 260A
Director, Indigenous Initiatives Ruth Young 250-721-7070 FRA 218
Coordinator, Indigenous Initiatives Vacant 250-721-7195 FRA 115
Law Student Support Coordinator Zubaida Khan 250-472-4761 LIB 189
Counselling, Personal Support, Amicus Christina Friesen 250-721-8162
Law Development Officer Liz Eby 250-853-3518 LIB 260B
Research Facilitation Officer Heather Chestnutt 3600 FRA 216A
Faculty Assistant Vancant 250-721-8160 FRA 241
Assistant to the Associate Dean, Admin & Research and Faculty Assistant Andrea Feary 250-721-8177 FRA 217
Graduate Program Coordinator Tiffany Gordon 250-721-8913 FRA 216
Law Co-op Coordinator Francine Proctor 250-721-8196 FRA 220
Law Co-op Assistant Elisa Wang 250-721-8195 FRA 140b
Manager, Law Careers Office Jina Dhillon 250-472-4719 FRA 231
Law Careers Office Assistant Taryn Marwick 250-721-8790 FRA 239
ELC Coordinator Holly Pattison 250-721-8188 FRA 288
ELC Administrative Assistant Gracie Chiu 250-472-4821 FRA 285
Indigenous Law Research Unit Research Director Jessica Asch 250-721-8178 CIRCLE Saunders
Indigenous Law Research Unit Research Director Tara Williamson CIRCLE Saunders
ILRU Researcher Cheyenne Arnold-Cunningham
ILRU Coordinator Brooke Edmonds 250-721-8914 CIRCLE Saunders
Clinical Director of The Law Centre Steve Perks 250-385-8604
Law Centre Program Administrator Judy Jones 250-385-1221
Law Centre Staff Social Worker Susan Noakes 250-385-8606
Law Centre Clinical Instructor Tybring Hemphill 250-385-1221
ILRU Researcher Ellen Campbell
Law Centre Assistant Director Donald McKay 250-385-1221
Lawyer and Clinical Education Program Associate Charis Kamphuis 250-721-8180 LIB 286
Strategic Advisor to the Dean Patricia Barkaskas 250-721-3167 FRA 228
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey
Moira Aikenhead
Ross Alexander
Knowren Ansari
Cheyenne Arnold-Cunningham 647-700-8331
Jessica Asch 250-721-8178 (campus local: 8178)
Patricia Barkaskas
Fran Blake
John Borrows 250-721-8168 (campus local: 8168)
Susan Breau
Bradley Bryan 250-721-8164 (campus local: 8164)
Andrew Buck
Gillian Calder 250-472-5127 (campus local: 5127)
Ellen Campbell
Ashley Caron
Holly Cecil
Kathryn Chan 250-721-8163 (campus local: 8163)
Heather Chestnutt
Gracie Chiu 250-472-4821 (campus local: 4821)
Robert Clifford
Patricia Cochran 250-721-8183 (campus local: 8183)
Michael Cooper
Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger
Kaitlyn Cumming
Deborah Curran 250-853-3105 (campus local: 3105)
Maneesha Deckha 250-721-8175 (campus local: 8175)
Jina Dhillon
Emma Dolhai
Patrick Dudding
Elizabeth Eby
Brooke Edmonds
Andrea Feary 250-721-8177 (campus local: 8177)
Sean Finn
Caileigh Franco
John Gailus 250-514-9955
Robyn Gifford
Mark Gillen 250-721-8169 (campus local: 8169)
Tiffany Gordon
Brittany Goud
Laura Hamilton
Alan Hanna
Alandra Harlingten
Lisa Harris
Robert Howell 250-721-8186 (campus local: 8186)
Irehobhude Iyioha 250-721-6299 (campus local: 6299)
Clare Jennings
Johnesha Johnson
Rebecca Johnson 250-721-8187 (campus local: 8187)
Charis Kamphuis
Deborah Kennedy
Musab Khalid
Zubaida Khan 250-472-4761 (campus local: 4761)
Asad Kiyani
Lori Klear 250-721-8155 (campus local: 8155)
Freya Kodar 250-721-8190 (campus local: 8190)
Ryan Kunar
Robert G. W. Lapper
Michelle Lawrence 250-721-8173 (campus local: 8173)
Yvonne Lawson 250-721-8153 (campus local: 8153)
Valerie Le Blanc
James Legh
Maggie Li
Darcy Lindberg
Tracey Lindberg
Geoff Loomer 236-464-4674
Colin Macleod 250-721-7521 (campus local: 7521)
Raji Mangat
Taryn Marwick
Lee Mauro
Rosemary McCutcheon 250-721-8198 (campus local: 8198)
Arthur Mcinnis 250-888-6855
Donald Mckay
Debra McKenzie
Lori McMorran
David Milward
Sarah Morales
Val Napoleon 250-721-6578 (campus local: 6578)
Andrew Newcombe 250-721-8152 (campus local: 8152)
Chibueze Ngozi
Susan Noakes 250-385-1221
Pooja Parmar 721-817-9
Jess Patterson
Holly Pattison 250-721-8188 (campus local: 8188)
Fernando Pelegrina de Lima
Stephen Perks 250-385-1221
Jordana Peters
Lorne Phipps
Tessa Prior
Janna Promislow
Victor V. Ramraj 250-721-7024 (campus local: 7024)
Sara Ramshaw
Timothy Richards 250-721-8185 (campus local: 8185)
Kenya Rogers
Ashley Roussel
Calvin Sandborn 250-472-5248 (campus local: 5248)
Wendy Seager 250-721-8198 (campus local: 8198)
Julie Sloan
Eva Streitz
Chris Tollefson 250-721-8170 (campus local: 8170)
Nicole Traynor
Alan Treleaven
John Tuck
Jeremy Webber
Kim Willey
Tara Williamson
Vernon Wilson
Jaxxen Wylie
Ruth Young 250-721-7070 (campus local: 7070)
Law Faculty of Law
Libraries, Law Library Libraries, Law Library
Co-op and Career Co-operative Education Program and Career Services
Law Co-op and Career
Development Development
Faculty of Law
Graduate Studies Faculty of Graduate Studies
Associate Dean (EDUC, LAW, FINE, SCIE, NRSC)
Law Faculty of Law
Law Careers Office Assistant
Law Faculty of Law
Indigenous Law Research Unit Research Director
Law Faculty of Law
Lawyer and Clinical Education Program Associate
Law Faculty of Law
Law Co-op Assistant
Law Faculty of Law
Law Co-op Coordinator
Law Faculty of Law
Manager, Law Careers Office
Law Faculty of Law
Indigenous Law Research Unit Research Director
Law Faculty of Law
Law Student Support Coordinator
Law Faculty of Law
Law Centre Clinical Instructor
Law Faculty of Law
Law Centre Staff Social Worker
Law Faculty of Law
Law Centre Program Administrator
Law Faculty of Law
Law Centre Assistant Director
Law Faculty of Law
Law Development Officer
Law Faculty of Law
Clinical Director of The Law Centre
Libraries, Law Library Libraries, Law Library
Indigenous Initiatives Librarian, Law
Libraries, Law Library Libraries, Law Library
Law and Business Librarian
Libraries, Law Library Libraries, Law Library
Acting Director, Law Library
Libr References Services Libraries, Reference Services
Librarian - Business, Law
Undergrad Records & Gradn Serv Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services