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Facilities Management (FMGT)

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Facilities Management
University of Victoria
Saunders Building
Facilities Management
Saunders Building, Room 122

3800 - Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Facilities Management
University of Victoria
Saunders Building
PO Box 1700, Stn CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

Office Hrs. 8 am to 4:30 pm

Customer Service Requests, Repairs 250-721-7616 SAU 122
Distribution Services' - Requests 250-721-6389
After Hours' Emergencies - Campus Security 250-721-7599
General Office 250-721-7591
FAX 250-721-8999

Office of the Executive Director

Executive Director Ron Proulx 250-721-7596 SAU 112
Executive Assistant Maria Walker 250-721-7592 SAU 113


Director, Project Management Services Lorne Mack 250-721-7617 SAU 134
Associate Director Trevor Floers 250-472-5421
Associate Director Amelia Hollingshurst 250-472-4727 SAU 141
Administrative Assistant Vicki Hunter 250-472-4826 SAU 141
Administrative Assistant Catherine Schafers 250-472-4131 SAU 141
Administrative Assistant Janey Clarke SAU 141
Project Manager Mark Arrojado SAU 141
Project Manager Linda Boggs 250-721-6349 SAU 141
Project Manager Tim Burchill 250-472-5868 SAU 141
Project Manager Randy Carter 250-721-7621 SAU 142
Project Manager Melissa Freeman 250-721-7376 SAU 142
Project Manager Kim Frechette 250-721-7806 SAU 141
Project Manager Adam Gerber 250-472-4699 SAU 141
Project Manager Orianne Johnson 250-472-4561 SAU 141
Project Manager Scott Kingham 250-472-5646 SAU 124
Project Manager Jen Miley 250-721-722 SAU 142
Project Manager Jason Minard 250-721-7597 SAU 142
Project Manager Terry Moen 250-721-7620 SAU 142
Project Manager Gordon Shirley SAU 142


Manager, Interior Modification Services Kim Fawthorpe 250-472-5320 SAU 116
Co-Manager, Interior Modification Services Greg Wooster 250-472-5135 SAU 109
Coordinator, Interior Planning Jodi Miranda 250-472-5061 SAU 109
Coordinator, Interior Planning Breanna Ransford 250-472-5532 SAU 109
Coordinator, Interior Planning Mariah Taschuk 250-472-4430 SAU 109
Coordinator, Interior Planning Sarah Teves 250-721-6099 SAU 109
Coordinator, Interior Planning Madison Leslie 250-853-3102 SAU 109


Director, Project Planning Services Darryl Johnson 250-472-4466 SAU 108
Project Planning Officer Betsy Moyer 250-721-6100 SAU 105
Project Planning Officer Brent Dallimore 250-472-4056 SAU 101


Director, Customer Service & Program Integration Leigh Andersen 250-472-5594 SAU 125
Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator Darryl Huculak 250-721-7601 Hut A 111
Facilities Work Control Coordinator / FAMIS Cloud Administrator Leslie Kistner 250-472-4567 SAU 124


Supervisor, Distribution Services Megan Roberts 250-721-8986 SAA
Distribution Services - Requests 250-721-7610 SAA 152


Manager, Custodial Services Lawrence Lu 250-853-3171 HSD A124
Associate Manager, Custodial Services Peter Cassar 250-853-3171 HSD A124


Manager, Waste Reduction Nadia Ariff 250-853-3160 HTB 112
Supervisor Jason Wolting 250-853-3161 HTB 110


Director, Finance & Admin Services Sue Gaudet 250-472-5609 HTA 111
Administrative Coordinator, HR & Payroll Julie Ellerton 250-721-6105 HTA 108
Accounting Clerk Michelle Co 250-721-7603 HTA 110
Accounts Payable Clerk Crystal Marshall 250-721-7618 HTA 110
Accounting Clerk Marius Banuta 250-472-5741 SAU 141


Director, Maintenance & Operations Gary Bridgens 250-721-6553 SAU 128
Manager, Maintenance & Operations Matthew Uganecz 250-472-5044 SAU 127
Energy Manager David Adams 250-472-5168 SAU 123
Maintenance Manager, Mechanical, Plumbing, Energy Systems and Controls Scott Kellar 250-721-7605 SAU 126
Maintenance Planner/Scheduler Tim Wang SAU 119
Building Automation System Specialist Peter Lagan 250-472-4646 SA1 140
Energy Specialist Grant Sim 250-472-4531 SA1 140


Supervisor Landscape Jeremy Quin SAU 171A
Supervisor Horticulture Peter Roberts 250-721-8765 171 171A
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
David Adams 250-472-5168 (campus local: 5168)
Mark Arrojado
Marius Banuta 250-472-5741 (campus local: 5741)
Jeff Berg 250-818-8886
Linda Boggs 250-721-6349 (campus local: 6349)
Gary Bridgens
Tim Burchill
Randy Carter 250-721-7621 (campus local: 7621)
Scott Casson
Janey Clarke
Michelle Co 250-721-8301 (campus local: 8301)
Brent Dallimore
Julie Ellerton 250-721-6105 (campus local: 6105)
Barry Ellsmere 250-853-3135 (campus local: 3135)
Kim Fawthorpe 250-472-5320 (campus local: 5320)
Trevor Floer
Kim Frechette 250-516-2922
Melissa Freeman
James Garry
Sue Gaudet
Adam Gerber 250-472-4699 (campus local: 4699)
Ken Gunderson 250-714-4135
David Hill
Amelia Hollingshurst
Darryl Huculak 250-721-7601 (campus local: 7601)
Dustin Huculak
Vicki Hunter 250-472-4826 (campus local: 4826)
Darryl Johnson
Orianne Johnson
Scott Kellar 721-760-5
Scott Kingham 250-472-5646 (campus local: 5646)
Peter Lagan 250-472-4646 (campus local: 4646)
Dawn Lang 250-853-3102 (campus local: 3102)
Mark Leonard 250-507-7865
Lorne Mack 250-721-7617 (campus local: 7617)
Crystal Marshall 250-721-7618 (campus local: 7618)
Lewis McLeod
Colin Merriam
Jen Miley
Jason Minard
Jodi Miranda 250-472-5061 (campus local: 5061)
Terry Moen 250-721-7620 (campus local: 7620)
Betsy Moyer 250-721-6100 (campus local: 6100)
Steve Nixon
Emily Nuttall
Fergus O'Neill
Randy Perron
Diana Petri 250-721-6101 (campus local: 6101)
Mark Pintucci
Stephen Poole
Ron Proulx 250-721-7596 (campus local: 7596)
Megan Roberts 250-721-8986 (campus local: 8986)
Raubyn Rothschild
Greg Rouleau
Catherine Schafers 250-472-4131 (campus local: 4131)
Graham Scott 250-880-0194
Gordon Shirley
Grant Sim
Mariah Taschuk 250-472-4430 (campus local: 4430)
John Tierney
Matthew Uganecz
Maria Walker 250-721-7592 (campus local: 7592)
Tim Wang
Jason Weedmark 250-853-3121 (campus local: 3121)
Steven Wilson
Confed-Univ Faculty Assoc Confed-Univ Faculty Assoc
Facilities Management Facilities Management
Faculty Association Faculty Association
Education Faculty of Education
Engineering & Computer Science Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
Fine Arts Faculty of Fine Arts
Graduate Studies Faculty of Graduate Studies
HSD Research Centre Faculty of Human & Social Development Research Centre
Human & Social Devlmnt Faculty of Human and Social Development
Humanities Faculty of Humanities
Law Faculty of Law
Science Faculty of Science
Social Sciences Faculty of Social Sciences
Centre for Forest Biology Centre for Forest Biology
Plant Growth Facilities Manager
Visual Arts Department of Visual Arts
Facilities and Production Manager
Facilities Management Facilities Management
Facilities Work Control Coordinator / FAMIS Cloud Administrator
Ocean Networks Canada Society Ocean Networks Canada Society
Administrative Assistant, HR & Facilities
Residence Services Residence Services
Associate Director, Residence Facilities
Residence Services Residence Services
Facilities Assistant
Residence Services Residence Services
Facilities & Housekeeping
Residence Services Residence Services
Manager, Residence Facilities

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