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Department of Campus Security Services (CSEC)

Department of Campus Security Services
University of Victoria
Campus Security Building
Department of Campus Security Services
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Department of Campus Security Services
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
24 Hour Number 250-721-7599
FAX 250-721-6612
Lost and Found 250-721-6556
Motor Pool Bookings/Enquiries 250-721-6557
Safewalk Program 250-721-7599
Director Jess Maclean 250-721-6062 SEC 127
Associate Director, Parking & Commuter Services Patrick Seward 250-721-6685 SEC 132
Associate Director, Security Operations Keith Bell 250-721-8291 SEC 128
Manager, Emergency Planning Robert Johns 250-721-6355 SEC 130
Manager, Personal Safety Allison Eddy 250-472-5144 SEC 125
Personal Safety Coordinator Fiona Puszka 250-721-8981 SEC 107
Scheduling & Alarms Coordinator Emily Boulter 250-721-6618 SEC 123
Office Coordinator Alexis Osmond 250-721-6381 SEC 105
Admin Clerical Support Sherri Edwards 250-721-6107 SEC 125
Clerk/Supervisor Tatyana Martinago 250-721-6557 SEC 106
Clerk Emmy Smith 250-721-6386 SEC 106
Clerk Marla Maddin 250-721-6386 SEC 106
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Tim Aavik
Abdul Amadu
Keith Bell
Joanne Bickford
Nathaniel Blondeau
Emily Boulter 250-721-6618 (campus local: 6618)
Samuel Braun
Claire Brunton
Jennifer Cawsey
Jarrod Christison
Carlos Craveiro
Caleb Davis
Mark Diaz
James Dickinson 250-721-6683 (campus local: 6683)
Allison Eddy 250-472-5144 (campus local: 5144)
Sherri Edwards 250-721-6107 (campus local: 6107)
Jake Foster
Amrit Gossal
Ainsworth Hepburn
Nic Hoekstra
Nicholas Humphrey
Brendan Janzer
Taj Johal
Robert Johns 250-721-6355 (campus local: 6355)
Peter Konczarek
Jessica Maclean
Tatyana Martignago
Addison Mercer
Nikolas Murphy
Sean Oberholtzer
Alexis Osmond 250-721-6381 (campus local: 6381)
Michael Salazar
Patrick Seward 250-721-6685 (campus local: 6685)
Emmy Smith 250-721-6386 (campus local: 6386)
Brennan Stankoven
Jorden Tytgat
Abbie Urquia Mandujano
Tyson Walters
Benjamin Watson
Jake Werrun
Zoey Westle
Campus Security Services Department of Campus Security Services
Manager, Emergency Planning
Occ Health, Safety & Envir Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
After Hours Emergency Use Only