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Development (DEVT)

Related departments: Advancement Services , Alumni Relations
University of Victoria
Ian Stewart Complex
3964 Gordon Head Road
Ian Stewart Complex
Victoria, BC
V8N 3X3
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office, Development 250-721-7624 ISC
FAX 250-721-8961

Associate Vice-President, Alumni & Development

Associate Vice President, Alumni & Devt Jane Potentier 250-721-8780 MWB A115
Assistant to Associate Vice President, Alumni & Devt Megan Beattie 250-721-8780 MWB A120
Administration Manager Cindy Kwok

Fund Development

Director of University Development Laura Milligan 250-472-4516 ISC 288B
Assistant to Director of University Development Charlotte Duncan 250-721-6007 ISC 288
Director of Faculty Development Leitha Cosentino 250-415-8304 ISC 272A
Assistant to Director, Faculty Development / Director, Principal Gifts & Campaigns Liz Ausio 250-472-5173 ISC 267
Director, Principal Gifts & Campaigns Katherine Blake 250-472-5871 EOW 203
Principal Gifts Strategist Nadine Wallace 250-853-3181 ISC 272C

Alumni & Development Communications

Communications Manager Sarah Tarnopolsky 250-721-8909 ISC 275
Alumni & Development Communications Officer Erin Hall
Alumni Communications Officer Jenny Manzer
Alumni Relations Communication Coordinator Michael Kissinger

Leadership Giving

Development Manager Laura Milligan 250-472-4516 ISC 272B
Leadership Giving Officer Emily Wachtman 250-472-4834 ISC 269
Leadership Giving Officer Courtney Elliot 250-721-8001 ISC 269
Leadership Giving Officer Sarah Foreman 250-721-6004 ISC 269
Leadership Giving Officer Kelly Schaecher 250-721-8044 ISC 269

Advancement Services

Director of Advancement Services Laura Marziali ISC 375h

Donor Relations

Donor Relations Manager Cory Rabourn ISC
Agreements Officer Heather Gropp 250-721-8965 ISC 374a
Donor Relations Coordinator Joanna Witham 250-853-3158 ISC 375

Prospect Research

Manager, Prospect Research & Strategy Karla Benson 250-472-5033 ISC 283
Project Lead, Prospect Management Caitlin Pierce 250-472-5429 ISC 284
Research Officer Miranda Harvey 250-472-4648 ISC 284
Research Officer Angelina Dawes

Gift Processing

Operations Manager, Gift Processing Heather Simms 250-721-8907 ISC 375e
Assistant Gift Processing Manager Susana Muir 250-721-6010 ISC 375f
Gift Processing Officer Carrie Bourgoin 250-721-6267 ISC 375
Gift Processing Officer Lena Imada 250-721-6008 ISC 375

Information Technology

Associate Director, Alumni and Development Information Systems Greg Churchill 250-472-5032 ISC 375b
Manager, Analytics and Business Intelligence Atsuko Umeki 250-472-4843 ISC 375c
Senior Data Analyst, SQL/Tableau Developer Scott Bruce ISC
Data Analyst Vacant ISC 375a
Data Quality Officer Tracy Wadlow 250-721-8908 ISC 375f
Data Quality Clerk Noor Ashir 250-472-5122 ISC 375
Project Officer Anna Karpova 250-472-4917 ISC 375
Business Analyst Robin Reiss ISC 375c
Business Analyst Tanja Motzigkeit 250-721-8298 ISC 375d

Faculty of Science

Development Officer Nicole Boulet 250-721-6102 BWC A217
Alumni Annual Giving Officer, Science Julia Keenan 250-472-5717 BWC A214

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

Senior Development Officer Anne-Lise Loomer 250-853-3245 EOW 253
Development Coordinator, Engineering vacant 250-472-4210 ECS 631


Development Officer, CanAssist Randy Gelling 250-853-3948 ARC A113

Faculty of Law

Development Officer Tina Belcourt 250-853-3518

Student Affairs

Senior Development Officer Karen Batchelor 236-464-1028 ISC


Annual Giving Officer Vacant 250-472-4642 ARC A234
Alumni Relations Coordinator Derushka Pillay 250-721-8888 ARC 255

Faculty of Education

Development Officer, Education Vacant 250-853-3503 A356

Faculty of Fine Arts

Development Officer, Fine Arts Samantha Krzywonos 250-721-6305 FIA 225a

Faculty of Humanities

Development Officer, Humanities Nicole Pointon 250-853-3893 CLE C304

Faculty of Human and Social Development

Development Officer, HSD Tricia Roche 250-472-5031 HSD A310

Faculty of Social Sciences

Senior Development Officer, Social Science Moses Mukasa 250-721-6044 BEC 464

Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

Senior Development Officer, PG School of Business Amanda Taylor 250-472-4279 BEC 142
Alumni Relations Officer Christine Bobyn 250-721-6411 BEC

University of Victoria Library

Development Officer, Library Vacant

Annual Giving

Manager, Annual Giving Jen Sandmaier ISC 286a
Annual Giving Officer, Faculty and Staff Campaigns Cortney Baldwin 250-472-4498 ISC 286b
Annual Giving Coordinator, Student Calling Program Vacant 250-721-7637 ISC 288a
Annual Giving Coordinator Vacant 250-472-4924 ISC 288c
Annual Giving Coordinator, Appeals and Special Projects Cora LaRussa 250-472-4622 ISC 286b
Annual Giving Coordinator Sarvi Ghafourian ISC 288a

Legacy Giving

Manager, Legacy Giving Kristy Colpron 250-721-8967 ISC 276
Development Officer, Legacy Giving Gregory Kuhn 250-721-6001 ISC 277
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Amber Arthur 250-721-7211 (campus local: 7211)
Liz Ausio
Cortney Baldwin
Karen Batchelor
Megan Beattie
Tina Belcourt 250-853-3518 (campus local: 3518)
Katherine Blake 250-472-5871 (campus local: 5871)
Nicole Boulet 250-721-6102 (campus local: 6102)
Carrie Bourgoin
Vivian Chenard 250-853-3941 (campus local: 3941)
Chris Coey
Kristy Colpron 250-721-8967 (campus local: 8967)
Leitha Cosentino
Sarah Foreman
Randy Gelling 250-853-3948 (campus local: 3948)
Sarvenaz Ghafourian Bolori Mashhad
Erin Hall
Juliana Hendriks
Carrie Innes
Anna Karpova
Michael Kissinger
Samantha Krzywonos 250-721-6305 (campus local: 6305)
Gregory Kuhn 250-721-6001 (campus local: 6001)
Cindy Kwok
Kelsi Langdon 250-721-8044 (campus local: 8044)
Cora LaRussa 250-472-4622 (campus local: 4622)
Anne-Lise Loomer 250-853-3245 (campus local: 3245)
Jenny Manzer 250-213-1775
Susana Muir 250-721-6010 (campus local: 6010)
Moses Mukasa 250-721-6044 (campus local: 6044)
Caitlin Pierce 250-472-5429 (campus local: 5429)
Derushka Pillay
Nicole Pointon
Jane Potentier
Tricia Roche 250-472-5031 (campus local: 5031)
Stephanie Rowe
Jennifer Sandmaier
Kelly Schaecher
Heather Simms 250-721-8907 (campus local: 8907)
Lauren Stamhuis 250-721-7637 (campus local: 7637)
Sarah Tarnopolsky 250-721-8909 (campus local: 8909)
Amanda Taylor 250-472-4279 (campus local: 4279)
Emily Wachtman 250-472-4924 (campus local: 4924)
Nadine Wallace 250-853-3181 (campus local: 3181)
Joanna Witham
VP Academic & Provost Department of Vice President Academic & Provost
VP External Relations Department of Vice President External Relations
VP Finance and Operations Department of Vice President Finance and Operations
VP Research & Innovation Vice President Research & Innovation

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