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Libraries, Reference Services (LPRE)

Libraries, Reference Services
University of Victoria
Mearns Centre / Mcpherson Library
Libraries, Reference Services
Mearns Centre / McPherson Library
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Libraries, Reference Services
Mearns Centre / McPherson Library
PO Box 1800
Victoria, BC
V8W 3H5
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail


Librarian - History, Academic & Technical Writing Program, Scottish Studies, ewspapers Tina Bebbington 250-721-8252 LIB A227
Librarian - Germanic Studies, Hispanic & Italian Studies, Slavic Studies, Music, Film Studies Bill Blair 250-472-5025 LIB A203
Librarian - Geography, Environmental Studies, Geo-Spatial & Social Sciences Data Daniel Brendle-Moczuk 250-853-3619 LIB A231
Librarian - Gender Studies, Government Publications David Boudinot 250-721-6132 LIB A207
Librarian - Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics, Psychology Monique Grenier 250-721-8213 LIB A318a
Librarian - Science & Engineering Aditi Gupta 250-721-6085 LIB A209
Librarian Liz S. Hansen
Librarian - English, French, Public Administration Justin Harrison 250-721-8276 LIB A221
Librarian - Greek & Roman Studies, Medieval Studies, Philosophy, Political Science Michael Lines 250-721-4236 LIB A217
Librarian - Linguistics, Pacific & Asian Studies, Religious Studies Ying Liu 250-721-8277 LIB A219
Librarian-Physics&Astronomy, Earth&Ocean Sciences, Biology&Forest Biology, Anthropology Kathleen Matthews 250-721-8271 LIB A211
Distance L&R Librarian - Child&Youth Care, Nursing, Health Informatics, Social Work, Dispute Res Jessica Mussell 250-472-5090 LIB A215
Librarian - Business, Law Emily Nickerson 250-721-8566 FRA 193
Librarian - Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education, Neuroscience Zahra Premji 250-853-3268 LIB A318f
Librarian - Education & Children's Lit, Indigenous Education Pia Russell 250-721-8259 LIB A225
Open Scholarship Librarian Christian Schmidt 250-721-8231 LIB 205
Librarian - Fine Arts Christine Walde 250-853-3613 LIB 404
Learning and Research Help office 250-721-8231
Library Service Desk 250-721-8230
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Tina Bebbington 250-721-8252 (campus local: 8252)
Bill Blair 250-472-5025 (campus local: 5025)
David Boudinot 250-721-6132 (campus local: 6132)
Daniel Brendle-Moczuk 250-853-3619 (campus local: 3619)
Libby Goby
Alexandra Gullen
Aditi Gupta 250-721-6085 (campus local: 6085)
Liz S. Hansen
Justin Harrison 250-721-8276 (campus local: 8276)
Inba Kehoe 250-472-5017 (campus local: 5017)
Michael Lines
Ying Liu 250-721-8277 (campus local: 8277)
Courtney Lundrigan
Karen Munro
Jessica Mussell 250-472-5090 (campus local: 5090)
Patricia Pang 250-721-8246 (campus local: 8246)
Zahra Premji
Pia Russell 250-721-8259 (campus local: 8259)
Christian Schmidt 250-721-8231 (campus local: 8231)
Maggie Tan 250-472-4967 (campus local: 4967)
Religious Studies Department of Religious Studies
Centre for Studies in Rel/Soc Centre for Studies in Religion & Society
Libr References Services Libraries, Reference Services
Librarian - Linguistics, Pacific & Asian Studies, Religious Studies