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University Food Services (UNFS)

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University Food Services
University of Victoria
University Food Services
University Food Services
Robert Carroll Hall (CA)
Parking Lot #5, off Sinclair Road
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
University Food Services
University of Victoria
University Food Services
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

General Office


Phone 250-472-4777
Fax 250-472-4785

Food Services Administration

Director John Thompson 250-472-4112 RCA 113
Associate Director & Executive Chef Tony Heesterman 250-721-6016 RCA 126
Manager, Financial Operations (mat leave) Christine Fletch 250-721-6493 RCA 113
Manager, Marketing, Communication & Engagement Sarah Rankin 250-472-5465 RCA 112
Coordinator, Nutrition Programming & Services Leanne Halligey 250-853-3607 RCA 111
Team Lead, Financial Operations Tara Lewis 250-472-4777 RCA 100
Accounting Clerk Patrick Brus 250-385-3706 RCA 104
Financial Operations Clerk Cory Douglas 250-721-6164 RCA 100
Financial Operations Clerk Jade Bowen 250-853-3840 RCA 100

Retail & Residential Dining Operations

Senior Manager of Operations Kelly Bailey 250-853-3650 RCA 117
Manager of Operations Cindy Rainey 250-721-6097
Manager of Operations John Goldsmith 250-472-4030

Food Production

Associate Director & Executive Chef Tony Heesterman 250-721-6016
Executive Sous Chef Chris Bailey 250-721-8506
Executive Sous Chef Michael Allin 250-721-6077

Degrees Catering & Conference

Coordinator, Degrees Catering Rishi Bagul 250-721-8095 Sngequ 242A
Weekend & Event Contact (prep room) 250-472-5537
Weekend & Event Contact (cell) 250-217-1017



Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Rishi Bagul
Chris Bailey 250-721-8506 (campus local: 8506)
Kelly Bailey 250-853-3650 (campus local: 3650)
Connor Barkwell
Kim Beatty
Heather Bouchard
Jade Bowen
Pierrette Brideau
Patrick Brus
Linda Campbell
Darryl Carter 250-721-8437 (campus local: 8437)
Fabrizio Ceccarelli
Hamilton Chan
Simona Charlie
Jesse Cole
Robert Der Fong
Amelia Donald
Cory Douglas
Christine Fletch 250-721-6493 (campus local: 6493)
Jim Forbes 250-721-8310 (campus local: 8310)
Raj Gill
John Goldsmith
Dana Gudbrand
Gustavo Henrique Guimar?es de Toledo
Leanne Halligey 250-853-3607 (campus local: 3607)
Amelie Hamel
Tony Heesterman 250-721-6016 (campus local: 6016)
Janice Hepburn
Peter Andrew Kuwica
Dennis Lam
Chris Lawson
Christopher Lewis
Tara Lewis
Sonya Lommerse 250-721-8444 (campus local: 8444)
Brandon Lui
Sandra Lum
Maggie Ma
William Marchand
Craig Marykuca 250-721-8437 (campus local: 8437)
Rosie Marykuca
Jill McCormick
Amanda Moak
David Nuttall 250-721-8442 (campus local: 8442)
Cindy Rainey
Zack Redman 250-812-8801
Brian Schmid
Deanna Sillars
Sushant Soman
Bradley Talbot
John Thompson
Raymond Thomson 250-721-8444 (campus local: 8444)
Dirk van Elsakker
Rita Visser
Jeremy Wallace
Betsy Wicks 250-472-4143 (campus local: 4143)
George Wilks 250-721-8395 (campus local: 8395)
Samuel Young
Campus Engagement Campus Engagement
ONECard Office
ONECard Manager
ONECard Office
ONECard Director
ONECard Finance Clerk