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Vice President Research & Innovation (VPRI)

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Vice President Research & Innovation
University of Victoria
Michael Williams Building A Wing, Office Suite #A110
Vice President Research & Innovation
Michael Williams Building
A Wing, Office Suite #A110
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Vice President Research & Innovation
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office - Vice-President Research & Innovation 250-472-5416 MWB A110
FAX 250-472-5477
Vice-President, Research & Innovation Dr. Lisa Kalynchuk 250-721-7973 MWB A110
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice-President Research Nikki Polischuk 250-721-7973 MWB A110
Associate Vice-President Research Dr. Alexandra D'Arcy 250-472-5416 MWB B235
Admin Assistant to AVPR Kirsten Detlefsen 250-472-5416 MWB A110
Associate Vice-President Research Dr. Fraser Hof 250-721-7971 MWB A111
Admin Assistant to AVPR Fraser Hof Marjorie Wilder 250-721-7971 MWB A110
OVPR Director Kaitlyn Roland 250-721-7972 MWB A
Post Doc Administrator 250-853-3188 MWB B237
Health Core Laboratory Manager Charmaine Wetherell Petch 025B

Strategic Research Initiatives

Director, Strategic Research Initiatives Joaquin Trapero 250-472-5383 MWB A110
Strategic Project Officer Sarah-Louise Decrausaz 250-472-5694 MWB B217
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Research Officer Mami Schouten 250-472-5252 MWB B213
Associate Director, Research Intelligence Dane Berry 250-721-6660 MWB B227
SRI Research Data Analyst Karina Giesbrecht MWB B219
Associate Director, Research Profile Amber Hanson 250-472-5181 MWB B225
Research Profile Officer Rachel Goldsworthy 250-472-5408 MWB B215
Communications & Engagement Officer Tom Deas 250-472-4775 MWB B215
Awards Facilitator David Murphy 250-472-4297 MWB B215


RPKM General Office 250-721-6500 SED A106
Research Grants/Programs/Ethics General Office 250-472-4362 MWB B202
General Office - Research Services 250-472-4362 MWB B202
Bookstore Bookstore
Campus Engagement Campus Engagement
UVic Students' Society UVic Students' Society
SUBtext - Consignment Bookstore