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Residence Services (RESS)

Residence Services
University of Victoria
Craigdarroch Office Building
Residence Services
Craigdarroch Office Building
Parking Lot 5, Off Sinclair Rd
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Residence Services
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

Residence Services Main Office

General Office 250-721-8395

Business Operations

Associate Director, Business Operations Christine Thaler 250-472-5300 CRA 205a
Manager, Operations Cameron Denham 250-853-3137 CRA
Assignment enquiries 250-472-4534
Family Housing enquiries 250-721-6048 CRA 202
Admissions Coordinator Allegra Sobotkiewicz 250-721-8404 CRA 202
Admissions Clerk Jordan Baron 250-472-4534 CRA 202
Account enquiries 250-472-4712
Accounting Clerk Charles Wang 250-472-4712 CRA 205
Accounting Clerk Lloyd Parsons 250-721-8351 CRA 205

Conference Services

Reservation Enquiries 250-721-8657 CRA 108
Conference Clerk Vanessa Bloomfield 250-721-8657 CRA 202


Associate Director, Residence Life & Education Terry Forst 250-721-8446 CRA 126
Student Support Manager Colleen Lewis 250-721-8714 CRA 107
Residence Conduct Team Manager Julia-Anne Morris 250-472-5851 CRA 121
Community Standards Specialist Brett Boniface 250-853-3136 CRA 126
Community Coordinator David Morris 250-472-5227 CRA 216
Community Coordinator Payton Fernandez 250-472-5227 CRA 216
Neighbourhood Manager Georgia King 250-472-4535 CRA 113
Neighbourhood Manager Sean Smallwood 250-472-4151 CRA 125
Neighbourhood Manager Steve Freeman 250-472-4628 CRA 109
Neighbourhood Manager Meg Hollingworth 250-853-3138 CRA 115
Neighbourhood Manager Faelan Lundeberg 250-721-8396 CRA 111
Neighbourhood Manager Raquel Lake 250-472-5874 CRA 117
Neighbourhood Manager Allana Hiscock 250-472-4258 CRA 123

Residence Education

Manager, Educational Integration Kathleen Wirtanen 250-721-8529 CRA 130a
Training & Assessment Specialist Katie Bartel 250-472-4828 CRA 130d
Coordinator, Indigenous Initiatives Shaylin Allison 250-472-4275 CRA 130c
Coordinator, Residence Engagement Payton Burgin 250-721-8529 CRA 130e
Coordinator, Student Development Alyssa Husband 250-472-5852 CRA 130b

Facilities & Housekeeping

Maintenance Reporting Line 250-721-8650
Housekeeping Office 250-721-8447
Associate Director, Residence Facilities Chad Dalrymple 250-472-5559 RGD 104a
Manager, Residence Facilities Dinuk Dias 250-472-4808 RGD 104b
Facilities Assistant Khasim Jawad 250-721-8650 RGD 104
Administrative Assistant Sabine Berg 250-472-4809 RGD 104


Administrative and Project Officer Rowena Chee 250-472-4173 CRA 205
Administrative Clerk Petra Gerard 250-721-8804 CRA 205
Front Desk Services 250-721-8395
Front Desk Clerk Katy Canham 250-721-8395 CRA Lobby
Front Desk Clerk Laura Hodge 250-721-8395 CRA Lobby
Front Desk Clerk Leila Hope 250-721-8395 CRA Lobby
Front Desk Clerk Lybertee Boucher 250-721-8395 CRA Lobby
Front Desk Clerk Tevon Kolmar 250-721-8395 CRA Lobby
Front Desk Clerk Trish Cull 250-721-8395 CRA Lobby
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Shaylin Allison
Jordan Baron
Katie Bartel
Branka Basic
Anita Bassi
Ann Beltran
Sabine Berg
Vanessa Bloomfield
Brett Boniface
Lybertee Boucher
Spomenka Buckingham
Payton Burgin
Charles Cai
Katreena Canham
Willow Chapman
Rowena Chee 250-472-4173 (campus local: 4173)
Sai-Ling-Connie Chiang
Tenzin Choden
Tenzin Chodup
Sonam Chonzom
Jose Crisanto
Trisha Cull
Chad Dalrymple
Cameron Denham 250-853-3137 (campus local: 3137)
Lobsang Dhondup
Jangchuk Dhundup
Dinuk Dias 250-472-4808 (campus local: 4808)
Lobsang Dolma
Sky Dragushan
Edgar Escarnuela
Rommel Esteban
Rosabelle Esteban
Marisa Fairley 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Payton Fernandez
Terry Forst 250-721-8446 (campus local: 8446)
Steven Freeman
Tara Genier
Evgenia Gourgiotis
Caterina Grosso
Allana Hiscock
Laura Hodge
Meg Hollingworth
Leila Hope
Jelena Hoyer
Alyssa Husband
Khasim Jawad
Yvana Jovanovic 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Manjit Kang
Ryan Kappmeier
Georgia King
Sydney Klein
Margaret Kan Ko
Tevon Kolmar
Zhi hui Lai
Raquel Lake
Hai Yen Lam
Michelle Lam 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Zeta Lay
Viet Le
Jae Kwang Lee
Colleen Lewis
Tseten Lhamo
Winnie Li
Mary Lund 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Faelan Lundeberg
Trinh Ly
Amille Rhieth Madia
Petra Meissner-Gerard 250-721-8804 (campus local: 8804)
David Morris
Julia-Anne Morris
Daljit Nagra
Tara Owens
Lloyd Parsons
Sarabjit Kaur Rakkar
Pauline Romulo
Richelle May Rueda
Sukhvir Samra
Mahip Kaur Sanghera
sangey sermu
Rosalyn Silletta
Sean Smallwood
Daniel Smith
Allegra Sobotkiewicz 250-721-8404 (campus local: 8404)
Yuri Song
Lencho Sufian
Obsa Sufian
Liya Tensae
Christine Thaler
Kamla Toora
Tenzin Tsephel
Carlos Ubillus Lombeida
Sajad Vaghoor Kashani
Concha Velasquez 250-721-8447 (campus local: 8447)
Charles Wang
Qiuhua Wang
Kathleen Wirtanen 250-721-8529 (campus local: 8529)
Gyurme Yeshi
Yue Hua Zhou
Kelly Weiling Zou
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