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Department of Biology (BIOL)

Related departments: Centre for Forest Biology
Department of Biology
University of Victoria
Cunningham Building 202
Department of Biology
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Department of Biology
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-7095 CUN 202
FAX 250-721-7120
Chair Peter Constabel 250-721-7091 CUN 202
Chair's Assistant Jennie Bartosik 250-721-7091 CUN 202
Graduate Assistant Michelle Shen 250-721-7093 CUN 202
Administrative Officer Janice Gough 250-721-7092 CUN 202
Biology Co-op Coordinator Diane Luszniak 250-721-8649 BWB A241
Co-op Office Emma Edmonds 250-721-8637 BWB A241
FAX 250-721-7215

Senior Laboratory Instructors

Kimberley Curry 250-721-7136 CUN 134b
Katy Hind 250-721-7148 CUN 126a
Rossi Marx 250-721-7089 PCH 105
Alicia Rippington 250-721-7133 CUN 234a
Neville Winchester 250-721-7099 CUN 232b

Technical Staff

Vertebrate Collections Neville Winchester 250-721-7099 CUN 232b
Imaging Services Lab Heather Down CUN 057
Electron Microscope Lab Brent Gowen 250-721-7132 Cun 065
Herbarium Geraldine Allen 250-721-7110 CUN 218
Service Lab (Elect.) Mike Delsey 250-721-7116 Cun 163

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

General Office 250-728-3301
FAX 250-728-3452
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Paul Abram
Adeeb Akhavan
Laura Alcaraz-Sehn
Geraldine Allen 250-721-7110 (campus local: 7110)
Chris Anderson
Abigail Andiel
Bradley Anholt 250-721-7125 (campus local: 7125)
Joseph Antos 250-721-7144 (campus local: 7144)
Faria Athar
Gautam Awatramani 250-472-5178 (campus local: 5178)
Kristina Barclay
Hayley Barnes
Jennie Bartosik 250-721-7091 (campus local: 7091)
Amanda Bates 778-798-9096
Julia Baum
Gregory Beaulieu 250-721-7140 (campus local: 7140)
Kennedy Boateng
Douglas Briant 250-472-4458 (campus local: 4458)
Norah Brown
Janaina Brusco
Alan Burger 250-378-2468
Ilia Capralov
Yuriko Carrington
Bob Chow 250-472-5658 (campus local: 5658)
Kris Christensen
Sherwin Christian
Mackenzie Clarke
Gail Classens
C. Peter Constabel 472-5140
Darren Copley
Kimberley Curry 250-721-7136 (campus local: 7136)
Ugur Dagli
John Dash
Megan Davies
Fabio De Leo Cabrera
Kerry Delaney 250-472-5657 (campus local: 5657)
Michael Delsey 250-721-7116 (campus local: 7116)
Caitlyn Donadt
Braeden Donaldson
John Dower
Heather Down 250-721-7134 (campus local: 7134)
Sarah Dudas
Jan Dudzic
Will Duguid
Naomi Edmonds
Andrew Edwards
Barbara Ehlting 250-472-4066 (campus local: 4066)
Juergen Ehlting 778-533-7349
Rana El-Sabaawi 250-721-6445 (campus local: 6445)
Katy Erceg
Ryan Erdman
Sarah Ewing
Farnoosh Farhoomand
Fleur Fenijn
Anne-Marie Flores
Alexa Fugina
Stephane Gauthier
Ryan Gawryluk
Travis Gerwing
Thomas Giguere
Camille Giuliano
Harley Gordon
Janice Gough 250-721-7092 (campus local: 7092)
Brent Gowen 250-721-7132 (campus local: 7132)
Wesley Greentree
Kristin Hackett
Dana Haggarty
Emma Hayward
Katy Hind
Qi Huang 250-721-6169 (campus local: 6169)
Liam Hubbert
Steve Insley
Nathan Johal
Francis Juanes 250-721-6227 (campus local: 6227)
Emily Keyes
Cindy Kim
Ben Koop 250-472-4071 (campus local: 4071)
Chloe Kraemer
Daniel Labbe
Terri Lacourse 250-721-7222 (campus local: 7222)
Maggie Lawton
Carolina Limido
My Lipton 250-721-6675 (campus local: 6675)
Yalin Liu
Andreas Lohstraeter
David Ma
George Mackie
Eva MacLennan
Bridget Maher
Roswitha Marx 250-721-7089 (campus local: 7089)
Dominique Maucieri
Asit Mazumder 472-478-9
Claire McPolin
Jenna Mehlmann
Tracy Michaels
Ashley Mickens
Niloufar Mokariasl
Kelsie Murchy
Sheryl Murdock
Ben Murphy-Baum 250-882-2334
Raad Nashmi 250-721-6169 (campus local: 6169)
Benjamin Neal
Lise Nehring
Connor Nelson
John Nelson 250-472-4072 (campus local: 4072)
Mitra Nikoo
Inigo Novales-Flamarique
Greg Owens
Louise Page 250-721-7142 (campus local: 7142)
Flavia Papini
Steve Perlman 250-721-6319 (campus local: 6319)
Simon Petley
Eerik Piirtola
Emma Polard
David Punzalan
Tom Reimchen 721-7101
Jean Richardson
Alicia Rippington
Samantha Robbins 721-711-7
Mya Robilliard
Rodney Rountree
Real Roy 250-472-5071 (campus local: 5071)
Alberto Ruiz de Chavez Ginzo
Bridget Ryan
Akash Sastri
Alex Schmill
Michelle Shen
Prerna Srivastava
Bob St. Clair
Erin Star 250-858-5526
Samuel Starko
Catherine Stevens
Sylvie Stewart Grantham
Jasmyne Storm
John Taylor 250-472-5206 (campus local: 5206)
Nicole Templeman
Kristina Tietjen
Lan Tran
John Trofymow 250-298-2319
Myrthe Van Sprengel
Jared VanderZwaag
Diana Varela 250-472-5425 (campus local: 5425)
Patrick von Aderkas 250-721-8925 (campus local: 8925)
Patrick Walter 250-896-4256
Lydia Walton
Neville Winchester 250-721-7099 (campus local: 7099)
Alvin Yanchuk
Lynn Yip 250-472-5139 (campus local: 5139)
Aging & Lifelong Health Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health
Office of Interd Acad Programs Office of Interdisciplinary Academic Programs
Biology Department of Biology
Imaging Services Lab
Malahat Review Malahat Review
Managing Editor
Student Support Services Student Support Services
Team Lead, Digital Imaging
Student Support Services Student Support Services
Digital Imaging Team

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