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Athletics & Recreational Services (ATRS)

Athletics & Recreational Services
University of Victoria
Centre For Athletics Recreation And Special Abilities (carsa) A249
Athletics & Recreational Services
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Athletics & Recreational Services
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-8409 ARC A249
FAX - Vikes Athletics and Recreation 250-721-8956
CARSA Facility Bookings William Smith 250-472-4652 ARC A249
Membership Services Counter 250-472-4000
Membership Services Coordinator Brenda Wickware 250-721-6513 ARC 112
FAX - Membership Services 250-472-4768
Facility Supervisor Todd England 250-472-4529 ARC B107
Facility Attendant II Paul Johnson 250-721-6473 ARC B107
Facility Attendant II Stuart Bristow 250-472-4040 MCK 012
Senior Director Nicole Greengoe 250-721-6519 ARC A243a
Assistant to the Senior Director Christine Corr 250-721-6519 ARC A243
Associate Director, Finance & Operations Michelle Peterson 250-721-8412 ARC A238
Supervisor of Administration Gail Milliken 250-721-8409 ARC A249
Vikes Media Technical Lead Scott Thorpe 250-472-5388 ARC A239
Budget and Business Analyst Jill Morrison 250-721-6531 ARC A236
Senior Accounting Clerk Andrea Chan 250-721-7281 ARC A237
Vikes Accounting and Athletic Clerk Manami Kamijo 250-721-8411 ARC A233
Director, Varsity Performance Sport Nick Clarke 250-514-5693 ARC A265
Head Strength & Conditioning Coordinator Dana Agar-Newman 778-678-1780 ARC A255
Basketball (W), Head Coach Carrie Watts 250-721-8415 ARC A258
Basketball (M), Head Coach Craig Beaucamp 250-721-7588 ARC A260
Cross Country/Track, Head Coach Hilary Stellingwerff 250-721-8408 ARC A264
Field Hockey (W), Head Coach Krista Thompson 250-721-8422 ARC A256
Golf (M&W), Head Coach Justin Clews 250-853-3967 ARC A255
Rowing (M), Head Coach Aalbert Van Schothorst 250-472-4037 ARC A259
Rowing (W), Head Coach Jane Gumley 250-472-4036 ARC A261
Rugby (M), Head Coach Scott Manning 250-721-8722 ARC A252
Rugby (W), Head Coach Brittany Waters 604-813-2755 ARC A257
Soccer (W), Head Coach Tracy David 250-721-8394 ARC A262
Soccer (M), Head Coach Larry Stefanek 250-721-8417 ARC A254
Swimming, Head Coach Peter Vizsolyi 250-721-8834 ARC A257
Swimming, Head Coach Ryan Clouston 250-507-5256 ARC A257
Associate Director, Sport Compliance & Student Support Katherine Brien 250-472-5161 ARC A244
Athletics & Recreation Clerk Shannon Nielsen 250-721-7282 ARC A221
Athletics Administration Officer Nancy Duncan 250-721-8719 ARC A248
Sports Information Coordinator Alexis Chevalier 250-216-1594 ARC A245
Vikes Alumni Relations Coordinator Derushka Pillay 250-721-8888 ARC A234
Intramurals/Outdoor Recreation Programme Joni Richardson 250-472-4043 ARC A222
Sports Club, Racquet Sports, Martial Arts & Special Events Programmer Jason Wright 250-472-4038 ARC A242
Associate Director, Marketing, Engagement & Programs Melissa Keil 250-721-7590 ARC A228
Partnership Development Officer Marissa Bentley 250-721-7891 ARC A253
Sponsorship Coordinator Nikki Grobbecker 250-721-8964 ARC A253
Marketing & Design Officer Marc Johns 250-721-8475 ARC A246
Vikes Communication Officer Kelley O'Grady 250-721-8410 ARC A245
Digital Content Coordinator Michael Pettit 250-721-8725 ARC A245
Events Operations Coordinator Larissa McKinlay 250-721-8414 ARC A250
Events Marketing Coordinator Liam McDonough 250-472-4642 ARC A250
Campus Engagement Officer Olivia Thoen 250-721-6626 ARC A232
Community Programs, Programmer Evan Libke 250-853-3500 ARC A240
Active Living, Senior Coordinator Amy Allen 250-721-8721 ARC A220
Health & Fitness Assistant Josh Leangen 250-853-9366
Aquatics, Dance and Informal Recreation Coordinator Elliot Carter 250-721-8413 ARC A224
CARSA Climbing Centre Clinton Thomas 250-721-6517 ARC B108
Sport Injury Clinic Darla MacIver 250-472-4057 ARC B167
Athletic Therapist Traci Vander Byl 250-721-6130 ARC B167
Athletic Therapist Assistant Nicky Allen 250-721-6130 ARC B167
Physiotherapist Sue Lott 250-472-4057 ARC B167
Physiotherapist Isaac Davies 250-472-4057 ARC B167
CARSA Equipment Desk 250-472-4044 ARC B102
McKinnon Equipment Desk 250-721-8484 McK
Ian Stewart Complex - Rink 250-472-5604 ISC
Centennial Stadium 250-721-8483
Summer Camps 250-472-5167
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Amy Allen 250-721-8721 (campus local: 8721)
Nicole Allen
Marilyn Arsenault
Emily Ashton
Craig Beaucamp 250-721-7588 (campus local: 7588)
Donald Beauchamp
Marissa Bentley
Bradley Bouchard
Katherine Brien 236-638-4967
Stuart Bristow 250-472-4040 (campus local: 4040)
Elliot Carter
Andrea Chan 250-721-7281 (campus local: 7281)
Alexis Chevalier
Amy Clarke
Nick Clarke 250-514-5693
Justin Clews
Ryan Clouston
Patrick Cormier
Christine Corr 250-721-6519 (campus local: 6519)
Tracy David 250-721-8394 (campus local: 8394)
David Dew
Malcolm Douglas 250-888-0866
Shelby Dreher
Nancy Duncan 250-721-8719 (campus local: 8719)
Todd England
Ewan Grbavec
Nicole Greengoe
Nikki Grobbecker 250-721-8964 (campus local: 8964)
Jane Gumley
Lily Hayward
Jennifer Huerta Lopez
Marc Johns 250-721-8475 (campus local: 8475)
Paul Johnson 250-721-6473 (campus local: 6473)
Manami Kamijo
Melissa Keil 250-721-7590 (campus local: 7590)
Josh Leangen
Evan Libke
Darla MacIver 250-472-4057 (campus local: 4057)
Abby MacKenzie
Dima Maksymiv
Scott Manning 250-686-1794
Shannan Marion 250-472-4057 (campus local: 4057)
Liam McDonough
Larissa McKinlay
Gail Milliken 250-721-8409 (campus local: 8409)
Jill Morrison 250-721-6531 (campus local: 6531)
Joshua Mullen
Quy Nguyen
Shannon Nielsen
Kelley O'Grady 250-320-9945
Michelle Peterson 250-721-8412 (campus local: 8412)
Michael Pettit
Kieran Phillips
Derushka Pillay
David Rands
Joni Richardson 250-472-4043 (campus local: 4043)
Diane Schuetze
Alex Sewell
William Smith
Larry Stefanek
Hilary Stellingwerff
Kala Stone
Takerngdej Taethiengtam
Olivia Thoen 250-721-6626 (campus local: 6626)
Clinton Thomas
Krista Thompson
Aalbert Van Schothorst
Traci Vander Byl 250-721-6130 (campus local: 6130)
Peter Vizsolyi 250-721-8834 (campus local: 8834)
Brittany Waters
Carrie Watts
Brenda Wickware 250-721-6513 (campus local: 6513)
Jason Wright 250-472-4038 (campus local: 4038)
Kaitlin Wulowka
Coastal and Oceans Research Institute for Coastal and Oceans Research
Athletcs&Recreatnl Services Athletics & Recreational Services
Vikes Accounting and Athletic Clerk
Athletcs&Recreatnl Services Athletics & Recreational Services
Senior Accounting Clerk
Facilities Management Facilities Management
Accounting Clerk
Facilities Management Facilities Management
Accounting Clerk
Financial Services Financial Services
Manager, Research Accounting
Financial Services Financial Services
Financial Services Financial Services
Director, Research Accounting
Financial Services Financial Services
Accounting Grants Assistant
Ocean Networks Canada Society Ocean Networks Canada Society
Accounting Clerk
Ocean Networks Canada Society Ocean Networks Canada Society
Accounting Coordinator
Pension Services Pension Services
Pensions Accounting and Entitlement Clerk
Residence Services Residence Services
Accounting Clerk
Residence Services Residence Services
Accounting Clerk
UVic Students' Society UVic Students' Society
Accounting Technician
UVic Students' Society UVic Students' Society
UVic Students' Society UVic Students' Society
Manager, Accounting & Payroll
University Food Services University Food Services
Accounting Clerk