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Postdoc Opportunities in Climate at UVic

We are seeking two engaged, enthusiastic individuals for postdoctoral research positions investigating the fate of Canada’s coastal oceans over the next century. The postdocs will work collaboratively to (1) produce regional ocean models of Canada’s coastlines (using ROMS and CICE), and (2) assess how these coastal oceans will respond to a warming climate by subjecting this regional ocean model to downscaled global climate model projections (using WRF).

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Humanities Week 2023

UVic Humanities Week is an annual, week-long series of events that showcase student and faculty research on contemporary social issues.

This year's theme, Food Matters, explores the everyday, controversial, contested and globally interconnected truths about food.

All events are free and open to the public!

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MBA in Sustainable Innovation Info Session

Discrete Math Seminar: Permutations, probability and graph embeddings

Speaker: Jesse Campion Loth, Simon Fraser University
Location: COR A121
Event type: Discrete math seminar

Walking with Community in a good way

Join guest, of the University of Alberta, in this ongoing e-series presented by UVic's Department of Civil Engineering

Kill the Chicken to Scare the Monkey: Heavy Penalties, Excessive COVID-19 Control Mechanisms, and Legal Consciousness in China

The UVic Graduate Student Law & Society Research Group hosts Professor Qian Liu (University of Calgary)

Heart to Heart Talks

Take time out of your busy schedule to explore and discuss what's important to you. You will be seen, heard, and valued.

Presentation: Fair trade, ethical trade, direct trade: what benefits for global south farmers and producers?


(Ethical) Trade not Aid: supporting global south farmers and producers

Learn more about some benefits and challenges of direct trade and other forms of global sourcing practices aimed at supporting producers, small-scale farmers and farmer cooperatives in Asia, Africaand South America. More ethical trade, not development 'aid' might better support global south farmers and producers. Join one or both of these presentations to learn more and contribute to thisconversation!