Tissue modeling

There are a number of areas that elastic deformation of organs and tissue is encountered in medicine. We are looking into modeling two such areas:

Deformation of the prostate gland

Radioactive seeds are implanted to kill cancer cells in prostate (Brachytherapy). The prostate gland gets deformed during the insertion of these seeds and therefore it is hard to insert them to the required locations. Understanding how the prostate gland deforms during the seed implantation helps us to determine the best way and places to insert these radioactive seeds.

Compression of the breast tissue in mammography

Breast tissue is compressed in generating mammograms. In order to compare the mammography images to CT and MRI images, it is important to understand the behaviour of the breast tissue when compression force is applied. We are working on generating an elastic tissue deformation model of the breast tissue taking into boundary conditions such as continuity of connective, parenchymal and adipose tissue.

This work is carried out in conjunction with the Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior (CSI), based in Kelowna.