Polymer gel dosimetry

Polymer gel dosimetry

Polymer gel dosimeters are novel 3D dosimeter under current development for the verification of complex radiation therapy treatments. Currently there are several gel dosimetry projects under way, briefy described below. See A. Jirasek's research page for more details.

Polymer gel development

We are currently developing new polymer gels for use with x-ray CT imaging for gel readout. This involved the investigation of oxygen scavengers for normoxic gel development, as well as new polymer formulations with improved dose to density change properties.

Gel imaging

The imaging interests of the research group are primarily centred around x-ray CT imaging, as well as the development of optical CT for possible gel readout. We are currently developing x-ray CT imaging protocols, in conjunction with relevant image processing, in order to maximize the dose resolution acheivable with x-ray CT readout of polymer gels.