What can I do with a graduate degree?

The responsibility, salary and self direction of work tend to increase with higher levels of education. You'll often find science graduates doing one of the following.

Research – From designing and conducting experiments to writing proposals for funding and publishing results, our graduate researchers work in universities and other academic settings, in government and public agencies, and in the private sector. 

Teaching – Post-secondary instructors typically have graduate degrees.

Sales and marketing – Products for research are often sold and marketed by those who know how to use them.

Managers/administrators – In technical or research fields, candidates are often selected because of a combination of a background needed to understand the work they manage along with leadership and other skills.

Policy adviser/safety officer – Understanding the science and research reality behind issues is a key asset for providing policy advice to government and assessing and teaching safety.    

Entrepreneurs/consultants – Use your science background to provide needed services and advice.

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