Resources and policies

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) offers resources including training

Resources cover basic hazards and situations you'd find in a lab, a buiding or personal safety. There are also many university policies that support health and safety.

Below are basic resources and training for different types of hazards you are likely to encounter in science laboratories.

General health and safety orientation

Instructions for spill response and clean-up

Chemicals - classification, handling, protective equipment, reactivity and compatibility

Biological safety - working with live organisms and infectious materials

Radiation - radioisotopes, x-rays and lasers: regulations, safe handling, ordering and disposal

Compressed gases - standard operating procedures

Cryogens - super cold liquid gases


Each building has a building emergency plan.  These plans provide a response plan for various emergencies, list the building safety coordinator and floor emergency coordinators, and a map showing where to report once you've evacuated.

Bob Wright Centre      Cunningham           Elliott

Glover Greenhouse     Medical Sciences     Petch

Emergency assembly point maps for all buildings on campus

Building safety coordinators

Biochemistry & Microbiology      PCH 207a  250-721-8887

Biology      CUN 202    250-721-7092

Chemistry     ELL 304  250-721-7153

Earth & Ocean Sciences    Terry Russell   SCI 405a  

Mathematics & Statistics      SSM A436  250-721-7459

Physics & Astronomy      ELL 104  250-721-7699

* If any of the above are not available, contact that department's general offce or Occupational Health and Safety at 250-721-8971.

Campus Security   Urgent: 250-721-7599    Non-urgent: 250-721-6683

Get information on issues of personal safety for workers and students.

Personal hazards           
Medical aid                       
Working alone                 
Threatening behaviour      

UVic's (250-721-8981) can help with information, assessments, concerns and reporting of matters of personal safety.

Get to know the univsersitie's policies on health and safety and personal safety.

Environmental health and safety policy

Violence and threatening behaviour

Provincial policies and other materials that apply to health and safety:

WorkSafeBC has provincial regulations, policies and guidelines

Workers Compensation Act