Accidents and reporting

You are required by law to report all safety concerns and incidents. 

See below for reporting guidelines for urgent or emergency situations, non-emergency situations, as well as general safety contacts and links to common forms and documents.

Emergency or urgent event reporting

First, ensure you are safe. 

Leave any immediately dangerous area and go to a safe place to call for help or report from.

If there is an emergency, call 9-1-1 for fire, police, ambulance and Campus Security at 250-721-7599.

Report the incident to your supervisor.  If they're not immediately available, report it to your unit's safety coordinator (listed below).

Non-emergency reporting

You have a responsibility to report any incident, accident or concern about a hazard or what you feel is an unsafe situation.

Report any safety concerns to your supervisor.  Concerns can be in relation to a procedure, equipment, facility or work environment that may be unsafe to you or others. 

If your supervisor is not immediately available, report your concern to your unit's safety coordinator (listed below).

Remember that you have the right to training when taking on new tasks.  Let your supervisor know about any task that you have not been adequately trained to do.  Do not undertake a task you feel is unsafe.

If your safety concern is not addressed to your satisfaction by your supervisor, raise your concern with your local worker-employer joint safety committee

Safety coordinators and other contacts

Biochemistry & Microbiology      PCH 207a  250-721-8887

Biology      CUN 202    250-721-7092

Chemistry     ELL 304  250-721-7153

Earth & Ocean Sciences    Terry Russell   SCI 405a  

Mathematics & Statistics      SSM A436  250-721-7459

Physics & Astronomy      ELL 104  250-721-7699

* If any of the above are not available, contact that department's general office or OHSE

Occupational Health and Safety  at 250-721-8971

Campus Security   Urgent: 250-721-7599    Non-urgent: 250-721-6683


Forms and documents