Welcome from the Dean of Science

Rob Lipson

Science is at the forefront of addressing the world’s most critical issues. Whether understanding climate change or tackling disease, UVic Science students, staff and faculty are making an impact on the world stage.

We know that hands-on learning is key to understanding. So we strive to get our undergraduate students into a lab environment from the start. Students benefit by learning from world-class researchers. Their lectures and labs provide our students with both disciplinary expertise and practical skills, allowing them to be successful, wherever they go next. With small to mid-sized lectures, students get to know their professors and peers. Access to an excellent cooperative education program gives many Science students the opportunity to put their education to the test in the real world well before graduation.

Whether one measures impact, funding or quality of research, UVic Science professors are at the top of their fields. And that’s good news for our students – a degree from UVic Science will get you far. From the atom to the universe, from the cell to the ecosystem, from the theoretical to the applied, UVic scientists and mathematicians do it all, and do it well.

We offer exceptional science programs in state-of-the-art buildings in a beautiful setting, in a city that offers arts, culture, sports and the great outdoors throughout the year. We hope to see you on campus!