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Alexandre Brolo
Alexandre Brolo, 2016-2017 Winner of the Faculty of Science Award for Teaching Excellence

Science recognizes the quality and impact of our faculty annually by presenting an Award for Teaching Excellence.

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2016-17 Award for Teaching Excellence

Alexandre Brolo, Chemistry

Alex joined UVic Chemistry as an Assistant Professor in 2001. Since his arrival, he has developed an outstanding research program, but he has truly excelled in all aspects of teaching.

Undergraduate students in his classes are enthused by his teaching style, research students admire his mentorship and he has an exceptional record of public outreach.

Alex has taught large classes at the first-year level as well as senior-level and graduate courses in surface science, surface spectroscopy, electrochemistry and instrumentation. His students evaluate his courses with statements like “Get more professors like Brolo” and attribute their decision to Major in chemistry to Alex’s ability to make it so interesting and relevant. Over the past decade he has supervised more than 40 undergraduate students as researchers. In addition, he has supervised seven visiting undergraduate students from outside UVic. He has supervised 15 completed doctoral and MSc theses with seven more in progress, and over 20 visiting international MSc and PhD students. The graduates from Alex’s group have gone on to productive careers in academia, government, and industry.

Much of Alex’s success in the classroom is due to his showmanship, which he also uses to educate the public. He is one of the stars of the famous Chemistry Show that engages, entertains and teaches. This show plays for widely varied audiences and is a hot-ticket during IdeaFest. Alex frequently speaks to the public through his Dean’s lecture, the Café Scientifique, or in media interviews.

This award to Alexandre Brolo appropriately rewards an outstanding record of achievement across a very broad spectrum of teaching activities.

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