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Elaine Cumming
Elaine Cumming, Award for Staff Excellence, 2015-16

Science recognizes the passion and commitment of its staff by presenting an annual Award for Staff Excellence.

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2014-15 Award for Staff Excellence

Elaine Cumming, Mathematics and Statistics

Elaine is the Department's head secretary and the Secretary to the Chair, roles she has held for many years and for which she has built a rock-solid reputation for excellence at the highest level, for unwavering dedication to both the Departmental and Faculty missions, and in support of her colleagues.

Indeed, within the many nomination letters presented to the committee, in addition to words like dedication and excellence, one finds phrases like "enthusiasm for innovation," "staying ahead of the curve," "professionalism," "encyclopedic knowledge of the University," "adaptable," "a strong work-ethic," "a life-long learner" and "irreplaceable." And as if this weren't enough, Elaine possesses a disarming sense of humour that, just sometimes, is exactly what one needs to get one's day back on track.

Examples of outstanding contributions cited by her nominators are many and varied, ranging from the seemingly small: helping out with transportation for a visitor by offering her personal vehicle, to the large: bringing her institutional knowledge to a recent major rewrite of the department's records management protocol, and assisting with technological challenges. Whether the request is small, or large, Elaine will embrace it, make it her own, and then deliver.

For all these admirable attributes, and in recognition of Elaine's major role in the shaping of a strong science department and vibrant Faculty during a career spanning decades, we are honoured to present the 2016 FoS Staff Excellence Award to Elaine Cumming.

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