Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor

Senior Lab Instructor – Physical Chemistry

BSc (Honours) 1978 (Victoria)
MSc 1981 (Victoria)
PhD 1986 (British Columbia)

Office: Elliott 334d
Phone: +1 250-721-7175

Previous Positions

  • University of Western Ontario, Robarts Research Institute (S. Karlik)
    NMR Research Technician, 1988-89
  • University of Western Ontario, Department of Physics (D. Rosner and D. Holt)
    Postdoctoral Fellow, 1986-88
    Research topic:  Doppler-tuned laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of 15N2+
  • University of Western Ontario, Department of Chemistry (J.C.D. Brand)
    Postdoctoral Fellow, 1985-86
    Research topic:  Multiphoton ionization of Br2, I2, and ICl


Alan is responsible for the physical chemistry labs in the following courses: