Robert Lipson

Robert H. Lipson


Ph.D. (Toronto)
NRC Postdoctoral Fellow (Ottawa)

Office: Elliott 166
Phone: +1 250-721-7062
Fax: +1 250-721-7147


Our research interests range from gas-phase laser spectroscopy using vacuum ultraviolet lasers or multiphoton techniques to materials synthesis to technique development for mass spectrometry. Indeed, some of the more interesting results have emerged at the boundaries of these areas. Recently we have been synthesizing and characterizing novel materials that have potential as photonic crystals, electrochromic thin films, and as substrates for laser desorption/ ionization in mass spectrometry. 


Dr. Lipson’s teaching interests are in mainly in physical chemistry. He has taught wide variety of courses including first year chemistry, introductory physical chemistry, quantum chemistry, spectroscopy, group theory, thermodynamics, and photophysics.