Irina Paci



PhD 2002 (Queen's)
Postdoctoral Fellow 2003-04 (Queen's)
Postdoctoral Fellow 2004-07 (Northwestern)

Office: Elliott 309
Phone: +1 250-472-4946
Fax: +1 250-721-7147


Our research group develops and uses multi-scale theoretical and computational methods to understand fundamental aspects of the self-assembly of molecular materials and to investigate their properties. In particular, we are interested in understanding the impact of various components of the molecular environment, i.e., solvent, surface, cooperative effects, and dynamic effects such as diffusion, on the mechanism of surface assembly and on emerging patterns. In the area of materials properties, we are particularly interested in developing methods to explain dynamic behaviour, such as the response of materials to time-dependent electromagnetic fields.


My teaching interests are in the area of physical and theoretical chemistry. Specific courses include introductory physical chemistry, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics and computational chemistry.