Alexander (Sandy) Briggs


Assistant Teaching Professor

BSc (Mt Allison)
MSc (St Andrews)
PhD (Victoria)

Office: Elliott 313
Phone: +1 250-721-7163
Fax: +1 250-721-7147


My primary interest is in Chemical Education. I enjoy helping students learn about Chemistry, and for me it is important to try to make my courses interesting, engaging, and useful in the sometimes-challenging context of larger classes. I have a research background in organic chemistry, heterocyclic synthesis, and electron paramagnetic resonance, so I call myself an Organic Chemist or a Physical-Organic Chemist, depending on what day I am asked. Since those times I have branched out to teach Bio-Organic Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry in addition to my usual General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry programs. I also administer the Introductory Organic Chemistry Program.

For more information about the wider range of my interests you can check out my personal web site at


Dr Briggs regularly teaches, or has taught, Chemistry 101 and 102 (Introductory), Chemistry 231 and Chemistry 232 (Organic), Chemistry 302 and 303 (Industrial), and Chemistry 434/634 (Physical Organic).