Future graduate courses

CHEM 590s can be offered any term. CHEM 509, CHEM 670 and CHEM 680 are offered in the Fall and Spring terms.

CHEM 560 Module information

Many graduate courses are taught in tandem with fourth-year courses of the same name. However, the graduate courses are usually assessed differently and have different course numbers. Colisted courses are:  511/411, 521/421, 523/423, 533/432, 537/437, 555/458, 647/459, 676/476.   For more about each course, follow the links on the undergraduate courses page.

This table is subject to change, but represents our best prediction of course offerings for the next couple of years.

Fall Spring
509, 670, 680 509, 670, 680
521/421 (odd-numbered years only) 511/411 (even-numbered years only)
523/423 (even-numbered years only) 533/432(even-numbered years only)
647/459 (odd-numbered years only) 537/437 (every year)
676/476 (even-numbered years only) 555/458 (odd-numbered years only)