Events and seminars

The Department of Biology's Seminar Series 2017-2018

The Department of Biology Seminars run on Fridays at 3:30 pm from September to April.

2017/18 seminars

Date Room Speaker               Title Host
8 September 2017 MSB 150 Cameron Freshwater

"Ecological drivers of migratory variation in juvenile sockeye salmon"

Dr. Francis Juanes

15 September 2017

Joint Seminar with Division of Medical Sciences

MSB 150

Dr. Ben Reese, Dept. of
Psychological and Brain Sciences, UC Santa Barbara

"Genetic Control of Neuronal Demographics in the Mouse Retina"

Dr. Bob Chow

22 September 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Christoph Vorburger,
EAWAG ,Switzerland

"Symbionts mediate host-parasitoid coevolution in insects"

Dr. Steve Perlman

29 September 2017

MSB 150

Eric Rondeau

PhD exit

"Genomics of teleost fish"

Dr. Ben Koop

6 October 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Chris Harley, Dept. of Zoology, UBC

"When do species interactions dictate the ecological responses to environmental change?"

Dr. Steve Perlman

13 October 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Wayne Maddison, Dept.
of Zoology, UBC

"The music of  evolution"

Dr. Steve Perlman

20 October 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Jasmine Janes, School of Environmental and Rural Science, U. New England,

"Understanding the role of introgression in speciation of complex groups: in a case study with Eucaliptus"

Dr. Gerry Allen

27 October 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Graham Sinclair, BC Children's Hospital, Vancouver

"Benefit vs Harm: Ethical practice in Newborn Screening"

Dr. John Taylor

3 November 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Maia Hoeberechts, Ocean Networks Canada, Victoria

"Ocean Research, Community Engagement, and Education: Opportunities for faculty and student involvement with Ocean Networks Canada"

Dr. Barbara Hawkins

10 November 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Sean Rogers, Dept. of Biological Sciences, U. Calgary

"Ecological genetics of adaptation to environmental change in threespine stickleback"

Dr. Steve Perlman

17 November 2017

Grad Symposium Week - No Friday Seminar

24 November 2017

ECS 125

1:30 pm

Dr. Diana Varela, Department of Biology and SEOS

Note: Different time and room

"Primary productivity in the Artctic Ocean: the highs, the lows and the diatoms"

Dr. Barbara Hawkins

1 December 2017

MSB 150 Dr. Lisa Reynolds, Dept. of Biochemistry and Microbiology, UVic "Modulation of host immunity by intestinal helminths and the bacterial microbiota" Dr. Steve Perlman

8 December 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Cara Haney, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, UBC

"Plant-associated microbiota evade host immunity to promote plant growth and disease resistance"

Dr. Barbara Hawkins

12 January 2018

MSB 150

Dr. John Taylor, Dept. of Biology, UVic

"Opsins in the dark: large opsin gene repertoires hint that proteins encoded by these gene do more than detect light"

Dr. Barbara Hawkins

19 January 2018 MSB 150 Dr. Rachel Germain, Biodiversity Research Centre, UBC "Characteristic scales of biodiversity and their ecological drivers" Dr. Steve Perlman
26 January 2018 MSB 150 Dr. Allan Carroll, Dept. of Forest and Consevation Science, UBC "Synergies, feedback and tipping points: mountain pine beetle's rapid range expansion threatens invasion of North American boreal pine forests" Dr. Steve Perlman
2 February 2018 MSB 150 Dr. Paul Abram, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada "Activity levels and biological control: can we breed beneficial insects to spend less time doing nothing?" Dr. Steve Perlman
16 February 2018 Reading Break
9 March 2018 MSB 150 Dr. Kristina Hillesland, Division of Biology Sciences, U. Washington Bothell TBA Dr. Steve Perlman
16 March 2018 MSB 150 Dr. Bryan Thines, Department of Biology, U. Puget Sound TBA Dr. Peter Constabel
30 March 2018 Good Friday
6 April 2018 MSB 150 Dr. Mike Worobey, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, U. Arizona Lansdowne Lecture Dr. Steve Perlman