Events and seminars

The Department of Biology's Seminar Series 2018-2019

The Department of Biology Seminars run on Fridays at 3:30 pm from September to April.

2018/19 seminars

Date Room Speaker               Title Hos

21 September 2018

 MSB 150 Dr. Xuekui Zhang  Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UVic "Bayesian hierarchical models for SNP discovery from genome-wide association studies, a pseudo-supervised machine learning approach"  Dr. Peter Constabel

28 September 2018

MSB 150

Dr. Irene Garcia Newton        Department of Biology, Indiana University Bloomington

"Mi Casa es su Casa: How an intracellular symbiont manipulates host biology" Dr. Steve Perlman

05 October 2018

MSB 150

Dr. Jeremy Va Raamsdonk

"Using a genetic approach to understand the aging process" Dr. Peter Constabel

12 October 2018

MSB 150

Dr. Alison Macintosh

"Digging deeper: New insights on the past from the study of living athletes" Dr. Barbara Hawkins

19 October 2018

MSB 150

Dr. Adam Summers 

"Big data, CT scanning, and new ways of looking at fishes and fish parts" Dr. Francis Juanes

26 October 2018

MSB 150

Dr. Barbara Nowak

"TBA" Dr. Ben Koop

02 November 2018

MSB 150

Danielle Claar

PhD Exit Seminar

Dr. Julia Baum

09 November 2018

MSB 150

Ana Sirovic


Drs. Mouy and Juanes

16 November 2018

MSB 150

Bruno Lemaitre

"How host parasite coevolution forged the Drosophila immune system"

Dr. Steve Perlman

23 Nov 2018

MSB 150

Dr. Heloise Frouin-Mouy