Teaching Assistant/Lab Instructor positions available for Spring 2024

The number of positions is subject to enrollment and/or course cancellation.

All appointments start Wednesday, January 03 to Thursday, April 30, 2024. 

All labs are offered F2F and not over Zoom.

Lab Instructors are required to attend all scheduled labs and weekly lab meetings during the appointment term in person.  

The total hours per position over the appointment term vary for the different courses, please review the postings below.

BIOL 186: Physiology & Cell Biology

BIOL 230: Genetics

BIOL 307: Chordate Zoology

BIOL 309: Developmental Biology

BIOL 319: Marine Ecology

BIOL 322: Biology of Marine Invertebrates

BIOL 324: Biology of Land Plants

BIOL 329: Biology of Vertebrates of BC

BIOL 330: Study Design & Data Analysis

BIOL 335: Ichthyology

BIOL 362: Practical Skills in Genomics

BIOL 366: Plant Physiology

BIOL 418:  Forest Ecology

BIOL 449/ES425: Flowering Plant Diversity

The closing date for applications is Sunday, November 12, 2023.

Appointments will be made in accordance with Article 13.02 (Appointment Procedures) and Appendix A of the CUPE4163 Collective Agreement.

All applicants must be either a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have a work permit valid until April 30, 2024.

Please complete the CUPE4163 application form.

Applications and current curriculum vitae are to be sent to Janice Gough, Administrative Officer, Department of Biology bioadmin@uvic.ca.