ideafest - Inconvenient truths : Why do we reject scientific findings?

March 8, 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Inconvenient truths: Why do we reject scientific findings?

Even when the science is clear, the decision to accept scientific findings varies significantly depending on the subject. What makes us open to accept certain findings yet reluctant to accept others – like climate change, or the benefits of vaccination? UVic scientists share their experiences of communicating with the public on controversial topics and lead a discussion on how to improve the way we talk about science.

Host: Sterling Eyford, science journalist

Panelists include: Julia Baum (Department of Biology), Jay Cullen (School of Earth & Ocean Sciences), Lisa Reynolds (Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology), E. Paul Zehr (School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education)

Hosted by: School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology