2022 Biology Graduate symposium

The 2021-2022 Biology Graduate Symposium will be held on Thursday April 7th in the Medical Sciences Building (MSB) room 160 and Friday April 8th in the Bob Wright Centre (BWC) room A104. biology Graduate students will provide 12-minute presentations on their current research, followed by a brief question and answer period.

Everyone is welcome to attend and this event is a great opportunity to learn what Biology Graduate Students have been up to!

Themes include Ecology and Evolution, Neuroscience, Cell and Molecular Biology, Forest Biology, and Marine Biology.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact event organizers at BioGradSymposium@gmail.com 

The event will be in person and accommodations will be made for individuals who are immune-compromised/high risk/symptomatic or in a hybrid format if needed.

2022 Biology Graduate Symposium Schedule
2022 Biology Graduate Symposium Booklet