Past seminars

2016/17 seminars

Date Room Speaker               Title Host
23 Sep 2016 MSB 150 Dr. Bill Halliday

"Temperature modulates the strength of density-dependent habitat selection: expanding and testing theory with flour beetles and garter snakes."

Dr. Francis Juanes

30 Sep 2016

MSB 150

Dr. David Marques

Post-Doctoral Fellow, UVic

"Ancient genomic blocks and the origin of the Haida Gwaii sticleback radiation"

Dr. Tom Reimchen

14 Oct 2016

MSB 150

Dr. Andrew Edwards

Pacific Biological Station, Fisheries and Oceans Canada


"How the use of size spectra as ecosystem indicators is affected by estimation issues"

Dr. Julia Baum

21 Oct 2016

MSB 150

Dr. Daniel Promislow

Department of Pathology,U of Washington

Department of Genetics, U of Georgia

"Building a metabolomic bridge from genotype to phenotype"

Dr. Steve Perlman

28 Oct 2016

MSB 150

Dr. Michel Cayouette

Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal 

"Temporal identity progression and asymmetric cell divisions in neural progenitors"

Dr. Bob Chow

4 Nov 2016

MSB 150

Dr. Erica Staaterman

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network

Smithsonian Environmental Reserch Center

"What we can learn from listening to the ocean: three surprising examples of acoustic communication"

Dr. Francis Juanes

18 Nov 2016

MSB 150

Dr. Stephanie Archer

NSERC Visiting Fellow,

Pacific Biological Station,

Fisheries & Oceans Canada

"Context dependent species interactions and ecosystem function in marine systems"

*Change of time to 1:30 pm

Dr. Francis Juanes

25 Nov 2016

MSB 160


Dr. Joanna Burgar

Post-Doctoral Fellow, UVic

"Bat habitat use of restored jarrah eucalypt forests in south-western Australia "

*Please note the change of room.

Dr. Cole Burton

2 Dec 2016

MSB 150

Dr. Sally Aitken

Department of Forest and Conservation at UBC

"Convergent local adaptation to climate in distantly related conifers"

Co-hosted by Forest Biology

20 Jan 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Inigo Novales Flamarique

"Polarization vision in the animal kingdom and the special case of the anchovy"

Dr. Rana El-Sabaawi

27 Jan 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Michael Deyholos

Department of Biology

UBC-Okanagan, Kelowna

"Using genomics to accelerate discoveries in plant sciences"

Dr. Peter Constabel

Co-Hosted by Forest Biology

3 Feb 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Patrick Ferree

Claremont College

"Unrest from within the genome: elucidating the targets of sex ratio distorting agents"

Dr. Steve Perlman

24 Feb 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Dae-Kyun Ro

U of Calgary

"Terpenoid metabolism in sunflower family from medicine to biopolymers"

Dr. Jürgen Ehlting

Co-hosted by Forest Biology

3 Mar 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Mike Miller

Department of Animal Science


"The evolutionary basis of premature migration in Pacific salmon highlights the utility of genomics for informing conservation"

Biology Grad Students and Dr. Ben Koop

10 March 2017


MSB 150

Dr. Steve Perlman

Department of Biology


"Bacterial endosymbionts that protect their hosts against parasites"


Dr. Peter Constabel

17 March 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Katy Hind

"Coralline algae:biodiversity and community structure in the northeast Pacific"

Dr. Peter Constabel

24 Mar 2017

MSB 150

James Robinson

UVic PhD Candidate

"Disentangling natural variation from human impacts: macroecological perspectives on tropical coral reefs"

Dr. Francis Juanes

31 Mar 2017

MSB 150

Dr. Chelsea Wood

U of Washington

"Biodiversity and disease: Ecosystem services or disservices?"

Dr. Julia Baum
7 April 2017 MSB 150

Anne Shaffer

UVic PhD Candidate

"Nearshore Restoration Associated with Large Dam Removal and Implications for Ecosystem Recoveryand Conservation of Northeast Pacific Fish: Lessons Learned from the Elwha Dam Removal"

Dr. Juanes