Dr. Paul Romaniuk


Research of Dr. Paul J. Romaniuk
PhD McMaster

My research focuses on the development of novel point-of-care diagnostic tests for major bacterial and viral pathogens affecting hundreds of millions of people in the developing world. Our approach is a mix of basic science (design principles of isothermal amplification reactions) and implementation (diagnostic tests). In collaboration with laboratories in the United States and China, my research team has been involved in the development of rapid, simple, low-cost isothermal amplifcation-based tests for TB, Chlamydia, hepatitis C and polio. While we continue to further refine and improve these assays, we are currently working on a viral load assay for HIV and an assay to identify individual species of Plasmodium in individuals who have contracted malaria. We believe in the concept of “molecular testing anywhere, anytime” and have already developed assays that require no cold storage of reagents, no specialized lab equipment, no access to electricity; they can literally be done under the village tree in remote locations.