Dr. Terry Pearson


Research of Dr. Terry W. Pearson
PhD University of British Columbia

Dr. Terry Pearson's research for the past 29 years has focused on the molecular analysis of African trypanosomes (the protozoans that cause African sleeping sickness). Currently his research team uses newly developed antibody-based technologies, protein microchemical techniques and mass spectrometry as tools for identification of molecular interactions between the parasites and their tsetse fly vectors. This work involves collaboration with labs in England, the USA, Kenya and Japan and is aimed at development of rapid diagnostic tests and at interference with parasite transmission as a means of reducing disease. In addition, the Pearson lab also focuses on development of antibody enrichment methods coupled with quantitative mass spectrometry for application to clinical diagnosis of cancer using deep proteomes such as human plasma. This work is part of a large collaborative network of eight labs, involving more than fifty researchers in the USA and Canada..