Craigdarroch Guest House

Our Craigdarroch Guesthouse rooms are comparable to many standard hotel rooms.
Our guesthouse rooms are available year-round.

Craigdarroch Guesthouse rooms are available all year round. Please book early as there is a limited supply of these popular suites.

Guesthouse rooms include a queen-size bed with linens, daily housekeeping service, TV and cablevision, a private bathroom, phone and internet.

Rental rates

Rates are per night, and are subject to applicable taxes (GST, PST, and MRDT).

Room type Cost/night
Low season High season
Double occupancy until March 31, 2018  $115 $125
Double occupancy starting April 1, 2018 $122 $133
Low season rates apply May 7-17 and May 21-31, 2018.
High season rates apply May 18-20 and June 1 - August 11, 2018.

Make a reservation

To inquire about availability and make a reservation, contact our office with your anticipated arrival and departure date:

Deposit and cancellation

  • A $100 deposit is required to book this accommodation.
  • Full payment will be processed at the front desk at check-in.
  • Reservations can be cancelled without penalty until 48 hours prior to the arrival date.
  • Reservations cancelled within 48 hours forfeit the deposit.
  • Reservations are not held for guests who fail to check-in on the arrival date.