Overflow accommodation

When the number of applications from students exceeds availability, UVic assigns students to temporary rooms as part of our overflow accommodation process.

Temporary rooms are residence lounges that have been converted into fully furnished bedrooms for 2-3 residents. Each roommate is provided with a key, and no other residents have access to the temporary room.

Overflow accommodation ensures that every student with a first-year guarantee has a place to live when they arrive at UVic, while enabling us to provide homes for as many undergraduate lottery students as possible.

How overflow accommodation works

If you're assigned to a temporary room, you'll be given a permanent room when one becomes available due to:

  • students cancelling their residence applications
  • student leaving residence at any time during the school year.

We use the following criteria to determine the order in which students in temporary housing are placed in permanent rooms:

  1. type of room (in regards to student category and gender, if applicable)
  2. number of roommates in temporary accommodation
  3. building and operational issues

We try to honour each resident's original requests in regards to their room preferences, but this is often not possible. Our goal is to move all residents into permanent rooms as quickly as possible.

For September 2019, approximately 30 undergraduate students will receive temporary room assignments in overflow accommodation. Many of these students will receive permanent room assignments before they move in. Others will receive permanent room assignments between mid-September and the beginning of the second semester.

Moving to a permanent room

Residents in temporary rooms must move once their permanent room is assigned (whether or not their room preferences are met), so that the temporary room can be converted back into a shared space for other residents.

We'll work with you to provide assistance (boxes and movers) when necessary, and arrange the moving date to accommodate your schedule.

Frequently asked questions

What are temporary rooms like?

Temporary rooms are residence lounges that have been converted into shared bedrooms.

  • Rooms vary in size, but in most cases they are larger than the single or double dormitory rooms in our residence buildings.
  • Each resident has their own bed, dresser, study table, chair and space for hanging clothes.
  • Temporary rooms also have televisions and microwaves (since they will eventually be converted back into lounges).

Most temporary rooms house two residents, but larger rooms may be set up for three people.

What are the residence fees for temporary rooms?

Fees for temporary rooms are charged according to the current rate for a double-occupancy dormitory room, and include a standard meal plan.

  • If you are reassigned to a permanent room before you arrive in September, you will be charged the residence fee for your permanent room. Your updated room offer will include instructions on how to pay the difference in fees (if necessary)
  • If you are reassigned to a permanent room after you have already moved into a temporary room, you will not be charged additional fees for Term 1. However, your fees will change in Term 2 to match your permanent assignment.

Note: if your permanent room is in an apartment or cluster housing, you can either continue to use the meal plan or request a refund from Food Services.

Will my temporary room be in the residence building I requested?

Temporary rooms are set up in buildings throughout the residence community, and if possible we will locate you in the building you requested.

However, there are no guarantees on any accommodation requests, and you may have to move to a different building when your permanent room is assigned.

How will I make friends if I have to move part way through the semester?

The simple answer is that you'll have opportunities to make more friends in more places!

Your Residence Life and Education Community Leader (CL) will welcome you to your temporary assignment and help integrate you as a member of the floor you are living on. When you move to your permanent room, your new CL will help introduce you to your new community.

How secure are temporary rooms?

Only you and your roommates will be provided with keys to your temporary room, and Residence Life and Education staff will help you to set up a roommate agreement.

We want to ensure that you and your roommates have a positive experience throughout your stay in UVic residences.

Where are the bathrooms?

Generally, bathrooms are across the hall or down the hall from your temporary room, shared with the other residents on your floor.