Neighbourhoods and buildings

At UVic, our residences are grouped into neighbourhoods. Your neighbourhood will have its own community leaders, its own activities and events, and we will communicate with you according to the neighbourhood in which you live. In most neighbourhoods there are several residence buildings, each with its own character.

Laundry facilities are available throughout residence.

Most of our residence buildings are mixed gender, however some buildings feature designated single gender floors. Single gender floors can be found in the Lansdowne and McGill neighbourhoods.

If you're looking for a residence that is tailored to your academic or personal interests, see our communities.


Community Bathroom - A community bathroom is shared by multiple residents on one floor of a building. Community bathrooms include multiple sinks in an open area, multiple individual toilet stalls and multiple individual shower stalls. These bathrooms are cleaned by Residence Services staff.

Private Bathroom (Bachelor and 1-bedroom apartments only) - A private bathroom is attached to the living/bedroom area of an apartment. Only the resident of the unit has access to the bathroom. Residents in bachelor and 1-bedrooms units are responsible for cleaning the bathrooms themselves.

Semi-Private Bathroom - A semi-private bathroom is shared between two or more students, and is used only by the residents of that unit. Usually 2-4 students share a semi-private bathroom. Residents in these units are responsible for cleaning the bathroom themselves.

Single User Bathroom - A single user bathroom is a small private lockable room containing a sink and toilet and/or a shower. In buildings with this style of bathroom, there are multiple single user bathrooms available on any floor.  These bathrooms are cleaned by Residence Services staff.

To find out which bathrooms are featured in each of our residence buildings, please see the neighbourhood descriptions linked below.

Our neighbourhoods

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