Number of beds

Posted: June 22, 2021

In an effort to be more transparent about the on-campus student housing process and available beds for the fall 2021 term, we are pleased to share the following information with students and families.

  • In Spring 2021, we determined we would have 2,006 beds available in residence. This is the total number after we removed 125 beds in order to meet COVID-19 restrictions and self-isolation needs.
  • Of the 2,006 beds, we reserve approximately 86 for student staff who live and work in the buildings. 14 of the 2,006 beds are graduate student apartments. This left a total of approximately 1,906 beds for first-year and other undergraduate students. In a typical year, we house approximately 1,700 first-year students plus second-, third- and fourth-year students.
  • At that time, we did not know how many students who had deferred acceptance to the university would apply to residence. As per previous years, students were able to apply to the university and to residence until the end of June.
  • Of the 1,906 beds, we set aside approximately 100 rooms for students who request priority access to residence (or a specific type of accommodation) based on disability or chronic illness. This priority access requires a separate application and approval process. Most of the students who apply are first-year students who also receive a lottery number through the first-year priority process. So, this separate priority access makes our numbers a little unclear at times as we work through the entire process.
  • Based on having approximately 1,906 beds (available for both first-year lottery and 140 students who deferred), and taking into account that some students decline their offers, the admissions staff felt confident that the first 1,800 first-year students in the lottery process would receive a room offer. This is a best estimate based on their experience. This information was given to applicants in our first communication.
  • In mid-July, as a result of easing public health restrictions, we were able to add back in the 125 beds that were set aside for COVID-19 reasons, bringing our total available beds for all students to over 2,100. Because we added in a full building, 1 or 2 of these rooms must be set aside for student staff that provide guidance and support to other students in the building.
  • This means that our admissions staff now feel confident that students up to approximately 1,925 in the first-year lottery will be offered rooms.
  • They plan to make all of these offers (and likely more, as offers are declined) before the end of July. They will continue to offer rooms through August as they become available, due to students declining offers or not paying their fee balance in full.
  • This 1,925 number may increase as students decline their offers. The decline rate changes from week to week, and increases as we near the August 1 deadline for fee payment. We are currently seeing a decline rate of 7%, but some years it has been as high as 18% overall (the difference between the number of first-year students who applied to residence and the number of first-year students who moved into residence in September).
  • Next week, as our admissions staff assess decline rates, we will communicate to applicants a revised estimate on their chances of receiving a room offer.

If you have additional questions, please see our FAQs.